Friday, 10 October 2008

Ndlondlo, Snake Prevention, Part 2 of 3

When you are away from home enjoying the outdoors always keep in mind that you are now a guest in someone else’s backyard! The probability of encountering a snake is quite high. The risk can be halved if you follow these simple guidelines.

When you are outdoors:

1) If the terrain is hilly try to avoid north facing slopes.
2) Always wear suitable foot ware such as boots that reach high above the ankle. With that wear longs that cover the top of your boots, fit loosely and preferably denim material.
3) As far as possible try to step in open ground where you can see where you place your feet.
4) Step onto logs and rocks rather than next to or over them!
5) Be extra careful after dark and don’t walk around without a good light of sorts.
6) When camping out check your bedding before you bed down for the night. Be particularly wary in cooler weather as snakes may seek shelter and warmth.
7) When hiking in the veld always be aware where you place your hands. Often a person may use his hands to steady himself if the footing is treacherous.
8) When lifting logs or rocks use a lever of sorts rather than place your hands into unseen places. This practice will safeguard you against spider bites and scorpion stings as well.
9) When snakes are encountered, leave them alone and warn everyone in the party. AVOID THAT AREA as most snakes are territorial to some degree.
10) Keep an eye out for areas that have a healthy supply of food as such areas are more likely to have a resident snake population than areas with little food. Be aware of weather conditions, warm days just prior to cold fronts often spark snake activity. Periods just before, during and immediately after are prone to increased snake activity.

Courtesy of Ndlondlo Reptile Park

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