Saturday, 11 October 2008

Ndlondlo: Snake Prevention, Part 3 of 3

What to do when a snake is encountered.

1) Freeze and then analyze the situation. If the snake is in motion check which direction it is going.
2) If the snake is coming towards you don’t freeze to long, try to move out of its
path preferably 90 degrees to the direction of travel! If in the unlikely event of the snake changing direction to follow you, change direction again and retreat hastily!
4) Once the direction of travel has been determined try to maintain visual contact from a safe distance. Get someone to call a professional to deal with the situation. (Always alert neighbours.)
5) If the snake is at rest do not disturb it, maintain visual contact, alert your neighbours and call a professional.
6) If the snake is in a room simply close the windows and doors if it is safe to do so. If not appoint “watchers” at all exits and call an expert.
7) When calling a snake handler be clear with directions, address and try to give an accurate description of the colour, length and thickness of the snake. If possible post someone at your gate so that minimum time is lost when the handler arrives.
8) When the expert arrives stay clear and allow him to work without distractions.

Brought To You compliments of Ndlondlo Reptile Park, Ballito.

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