Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Segway Way

With Segway KZN being an Flagship listing and the fact that they offer a tremendous amount of fun at a very affordable price, we thought that in todays Blog we would share their product offering with you. The following is taken straight from their pamphlet:

Good day!

We would like to introduce to you SEGWAY KZN and tell you what we have to offer. Firstly, I would like to explain to you all in brief what a Segway is:

Segways are the worlds only 2 wheeled “self-balancing personal transport system”, also called a PT (Personal Transporter). It is fully battery operated and works together with tilt sensors and gyroscopes so you don’t have to do any balancing, the machine does the balancing for you! It is very easy to learn how to ride, training takes about 5 minutes!!

We offer the following SEGWAY Adventures:


SEGWAY KZN comes out to your premises and does all sorts of fun activities such as:

Slalom races
Egg and spoon races
Timed race
Tours around your premises
Just to name a few ……

The day’s activities are subject to your location, number of people, duration of the activity and your requirements for example: is the activity objective going to be “competitive” or will it be “just for fun”.

Our teambuilding team will come to your premises and do a Risk Assessment and look at an appropriate area that we can use for our days fun and excitement.

We can also brand up our machines so that they become part of your “Company family”

The package price for this event starts from R2 500!

Beach Front Packages:

1) Gliding Breakfast: SEGWAY KZN will provide your staff with full training before we embark on our Beach Front Tour. Here you will experience the Lower Marine Parade from another view. On a Segway! Believe me it does look different! We stop for Breakfast at the popular Beach Café during or after our tour. What better way is there other than having a snack on the beach, looking out on the sea!

2) Lunch Time Glide: This Tour works the same as the Gliding Breakfast, except it happens during midday! We can stop for lunch at The Beach Café during our tour or after. This is ideal to give your employees their well-deserved time off, out of the office! A good rejuvenation!

3) Sunset Glide: (from 6pm only) Come and experience the warm Durban sunset on a Segway while sipping away on a delicious cocktail at the one and only Beach Café!!

Breakfast, Lunch Time and Sunset Glides @ R200 per person!!

We look forward to offering the SEGWAY excitement to you!

With Gliding Regards
Maria Gouws
Contact Details and More Info, CLICK HERE

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