Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Snake Courses, Why Do Them?

One of the activities we feature regularly in this Blog and also have a dedicated listing page for, is that pertaining to individuals and facilities that provide snake course training, some may ask the why? What’s that got to do with adventure activity?

Well for one, the above picture has been seen by quite a few skydivers Bunji Jumpers and the likes thereof, whose first reaction to it was that Mikes mad, Mikes and many others for that matter, think people that willingly jump out of aeroplanes are the ones that are not altogether there, so, different strokes for different folks. My view is that most people have a natural fear associated to these creatures and that handling them, is very adventurous and about overcoming that said fear.

The reason for doing it though, isn’t and shouldn’t be, for any form of adrenalin chasing. A good reason for Adventure Sport enthusiasts to get involved is to empower themselves with knowledge to effectively handle any snake situation, should it arise.

Most Adventure Activity takes place in the great outdoors and snakes are common in South Africa. The snake course operators featured on our site are all FGASA approved (Field Guides Association of South Africa) and are on a mission to dispel the many myths that surround these slithery reptiles.

The Reality is, in most cases if you know what you are doing, and remain calm, danger can very easily be avoided. A lot of species are in fact harmless, wouldn’t be nice to be able to identify them and actually enjoy seeing them without fear.

Most Adventure enthusiasts are extremely committed to their sport, mountain bikers and the like thereof, are generally not shy to ensure they are well equipment to enhance their biking endeavors, we recommend adding a snake courses certification to the list of “Must Haves”.

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