Monday, 20 October 2008

Top Karting, Top Venue

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, once home to the South African F1 Grand Prix is where you’ll find the countries top karting provider, “Kyalami Kart.” For anyone who has never participated and does have an adventures spirit, I don’t believe this will disappoint, I highly recommend you try it.

The Karts are not difficult to drive and does present us with a huge amount of fast paced fun, where the impression of danger, far exceeds the reality. With the Karts having such a low centre of gravity, the likelihood of them rolling or flipping are extremely slim, while the sensation of high speed driving remains very prevalent. Make no mistake it doesn’t only feel fast because the Karts are close to the ground, karts can go up to 70kl an hour and for those behind the wheel, they soon realize that there’s some driving to be done.

If you are in the Johannesburg area, think no further than the Kyalami venue, in addition to world class karting they also offer an excellent range of facilities to enhance the experience. They do provide rental karts, have bar and restaurant facilities, cater for private parties, conferencing, and for that poor unsuspecting Bachelor…..

That all said and done, their specialty is in fact Corporate Karting where service is of the highest standard and every measure is taken to ensure you have a safe and memorable time. They do have vast experience holding events for groups of all sizes with 850 people, being the largest to date.

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