Wednesday, 12 November 2008

4 x 4 Advenutre, Classic Jeep Style

This morning I met with Trevor Knutson of 4x4 All Terrain who has chosen to list his one of a kind, 4x4 adventure experience, on South Africa’s most comprehensive adventure Activity web portal. In order to get his page up and looking good, he has given me some amazing photo’s which tell the storey, and make me want to take part.

Trevor is a vastly experienced 4x 4 instructor, as well as a registered Satour guide. He has got some genuine classic 1947 Willy's Jeeps and is in the process of purchasing another two. The opportunity his activity presents, is to experience the vastness of the Cape Towns West Coast dunes in an open Jeep, while sun sand and wind, stimulates an amazing sense of freedom.

Each Jeep goes out with an experienced 4 x 4 driver and can take three passengers; participants can either drive themselves under the instructor’s supervision, or he can do the driving for you. Trevor was a bit hesitant to use the word adrenalin as they do accommodate various types of 4x4 experiences, and not everybody enjoys pushing the boundaries.

For those wanting to relax and casually take in the scenery while touring, that can definitely be arranged, for those who want a little more action, you won’t be disappointed either. Normal 4x 4‘s such as Land Rovers Land Cruisers and double cabs are also available. So, If you are heading to Cape Town and want to play in the sand, give Trevor a call on 082 775 4941.

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