Friday, 28 November 2008

Advertising, Bang for Buck

I received an e-mail earlier from a lady wanting us to do some advertising in a Natal North Coast magazine, as always I had a good read to see what it’s all about and as usual I was floored by what they want to charge. I enjoy this sort of thing as it confirms my faith in our own pricing structure and serves to remind me that there aren’t too many around who provide as much Bang for Buck as we do.

To emphasize my point, I have rates for having our flyers placed in the rack at the Petrol / Convenience stop on N3 Durban South Coast. An A4 leaflet is R300, 00 per month and if you decide to go with both garages, (there is one on either side of he highway) they will give you a 10% discount, making it R540, 00. For a page on our site such as the The Huey Helicopter Co’s, the cost is only R297, 00 and it comes with bells and whistles.

If you did click through to the The Huey Listing, you would have seen that our flagship offering is a full page spread, the main body comprises of three sections for word content, with two photographs per section to support it. They also come with an enquiry form which generates an e-mail to the operator, as well as SMS notification when a client fills it out.

Search Engine Optimization: On if you search the terms Adventure Activity or Adventure Activities, we come up first (below the sponsored links) and have done so for several months now. Flagship listings are given additional exposure as they regularly feature in this Blog and we also promote them in our forum. Our Blog feeds directly to our home page (down the left hand side) and has a fairly substantial readership with you of course being one of them. Here’s a sample of a Blog post we did for Len and the boys from Allure Charters.

We also do extensive offline marketing of the site. Our site traffic is significant; we average on between 8000 and 10 000 unique / new visitors, 60 000 page views and 270 000 hits, per month. There are several search facilities having focused our initial development on making it as user friendly as possible as well as aesthetically appealing.

On the home page there are six display windows that all feature flagship listings which click through to their unique page; it works on an automatic rotational cycle creating home page exposure for all vendors. It also ensures that home page content regularly changes, keeping the site fresh and exciting. in essence, presents activity operators with a very affordable medium with which to communicate directly to their target market both locally and abroad. Our concept is in many ways unique and does deliver significant and measurable results. All this and more, for a fraction of the cost of mainstream advertising, if you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to give me a call on 079 887 8033.

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