Saturday, 8 November 2008

Aerobatics in a Glider

If you are a frequent flyer, a scenic flip in a light aeroplane or glider, might not be the right thing to get the adrenalin flowing. Fear not though, there are a variety of aviation activities that will have you either screaming for more or begging for mercy :)

One of these adventure experiences is an aerobatic flight in a glider. Most standard training gliders are not designed to do extreme aerobatic maneuvers, but are capable of doing some of the more traditional one's, like the Loop, Wing Over and Stall Turn.

Although aerobatics in a training glider is smooth and graceful, if you have never experience the world upside down from a few thousand feet above the ground, you will still get an amazing kick out of this.

There are unfortunately no Commercial Glider ports in South Africa, but there are a lot of clubs all across the Country. Most operate on weekends, but if you want a glider flight, it is important to liaise with someone from the club during the week to ensure that you don't arrive to an empty airfield. has more information on Gliding and a list of Gliding Clubs in South Africa.

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