Sunday, 2 November 2008

Base Jumping ....Why?

Admittedly base jumping is one of those adventure activities I generally avoid writing about as I have zero experience with it, don’t personally know anybody who does, and in truth I don’t think it’s something that should necessarily be encouraged. The reason for touching on it today is simply that I came across the above YouTube video which has the most awesome Base Jumping sequences and wanted to share them with you.

I recently also came across a whole lot of skydiving quotes and from what I can gather skydivers generally don’t think to highly of their extremist counterpart. One of the quotes I refer to went something like this "If you bounce while skydiving, most people will feel sorry for you and feel some pain, even if you screwed up. If you bounce while BASE jumping, regardless of what you did, you're just an ….." (Sorry about that, this is a family site and censorship was warranted).

Base Jumping, unlike other adventure activity, is not something you can wake up, decide you want do, and live the experience that same afternoon. It is very high risk and requires total awareness to ensure pin point accuracy with respect to calculation. It is an individual sport where participants are entirely dependant on their own ability to get the timing 100% right, the slightest miscalculation means it ends in disaster.

For those who participate in Base Jumping it is incredibly specialized, whereas with a Tandem Skydive and a Bunji jump for that matter, the hard work gets done by vastly experienced experts for you, all you have to do is arrive on the day and jump when they tell you to. Although, those featured in this video no doubt have years of experience under their chute, what I would like to know is, how on earth did they gain it?

Surely at some point in their lives they made a conscious decision that jumping off giant structures is what they wanted do, and without having yet gained any experience as such, proceeded to jump off a reasonably high something, opened a parachute and landed safely, just to get the ball rolling.

Mmmmm while us mere mortals struggle to get our heads around the “How”, seeing this awesome footage does at least go some way towards explaining the “Why.”

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