Sunday, 30 November 2008

Blue Rock Cableski

Last week I went to Blue Rock Cableski and was absolutely amazed by how inviting the venue is. To put you in the picture, Blue Rock Cableski in Somerset West is located precisely at the bottom of Sir Lowry’s pass. As you approach the pass heading towards Hermanus, if you turnoff to the right towards Sir Lowreys Village, the entrance to venue is a stones throw away on the left.

You enter the gates at the top of a cliff overlooking the lake and drive down the side to the clubhouse at the bottom. The first thing that struck me was how incredibly blue the water is. I have never, anywhere else seen, a fresh water lake that has such a clear majestic turquoise colour, and with rock face as its backdrop, it’s very picturesque

A point that I took cognizance of is that you don’t have to be able to ski to enjoy it, in-fact they tell me most people who participate have never skied before. You can start on a kneeboard which they say anyone can do, graduate to wakeboard and if you think you are ready for the skis, you are welcome to give it a go. For those that are more skilled, there are ramps and jumps and the pull definitely isn’t to slow for it.

I was there for a meeting, and regrettably didn’t bring my costume. I should have done so as it was an horrendously hot day in Cape Town and it looked like loads of fun. At the time of my arrival, there was somebody on the water kneeboarding and it really didn’t look too difficult. And for boys, well lets just say the was plenty of good scenery, some of which where playing volleyball.

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