Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Off-Road Adventures, Sani Pass

Sani Pass is a spectacular mountain road and is located in an area as well known for Adventure Activity, as it is for its natural beauty. Sani serves as an entry point into Lesotho and marks the start of what is affectionately known as “The Roof of Africa,” the scenic route linking the breathtakingly picturesque Drakensberg, with the awe-inspiring mountains of Northern Lesotho.

In Today’s post we focus on Off-Road Adventures, our resident 4x4 and Quad Tour specialists operating in that majestic area. They present both quad and 4x4 enthusiasts; with the unique opportunity of combining Fantastic Mountain scenery with the thrill of off-road action on terrain that’s perfectly suited for it.

Before the quad tour begins, they assemble with guests at the Himeville Hotel (5 km from Underberg) and from there, drive them up Sani Pass in 4x4's and 4x4 taxi's! This is an adventurous trip on its own offering spectacular views and cuttings that are among the best you will ever see.

If participants have their own 4x4 they are welcome drive themselves up and join the team at the top. From there it’s onto the quads and a second adventure begins. Here you have 2 options to choose from, one is to go up to the well known Saddle Lookout Point which is about a one hour trip, the other is along the Sani River and is about an hour and a half, both promise to be awesome experiences.

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