Friday, 14 November 2008

Sandboarding Personality

For those of you who participate on our forum, you’ve probably already seen the above video featuring among others, Morne Stevens of Ladybird Sandboarding. In his forum post he fills us in on his recent trip to Swakopmund, where pushing the limits was high on the agenda. For more about that, you can click through from HERE.

I met with Morne in Cape Town on Wednesday afternoon, and firstly, I think I owe him an apology. Whereas I usually feel energized at the prospect of meeting adventure personalities, I was suffering terribly from flu that day and just wasn’t my usual enthusiastic self. Nonetheless, Morne is a really good guy and it was pleasure talking to him and finding out what drives him.

He comes across as being extremely dedicated to his sport with his first priority being to grow it. He has a whole lot of other things on the go and doesn’t depend on adventure activity for his livelihood, in other-words, it’s not about the money for him. I get the impression that individuals who train with him are looking to improve and become competitive, rather than the once-off thrill seeker.

We spoke about the upcoming Sandboarding South Africa event, to take place in Betty’s Bay on Saturday, November 29th. For anybody who is interested in finding out more about this amazing sport, he suggests attending, it begins at 9:30 am, and won’t disappoint.

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