Monday, 24 November 2008

Skyimaging, Aerial Photography

A friend of Jason Barker has a very interesting profession. He has a company is called Skyimaging and what they do is aerial photography with difference. Anybody who has looked into it knows, aerial photography can be hellishly expensive and understandably so, helicopters are not cheap and neither is fuel these days. These guys have come up an alternative technique that is very cost effective and exceedingly innovative.

Jason has mastered the art of doing aerial photography using remote control aircraft and has become renowned for his ability to produce top rate aerial images. They utilize unmanned helicopters, unmanned airplanes, telescopic masts, helium blimps and sometimes conventional helicopters to obtain very unique types of aerial photography.

Although they have an excellent reputation and word of mouth is as some say, the best form of advertising, Jason not unlike ourselves, is a big believer in on-line marketing and has come up with an excellent idea with which to display his wares.

On their Skyimaging website they are running a series of Durban Stadium, World Cup 2010, Arial updates. He has already posted several pic’s documenting the stadiums progress, however with construction now heading for the home stretch, the decision has been taken to do so every two weeks.

The above picture sequence, serves as an example of the work I have made reference to. To find out more about Jason, Skyimaging and what it is they do, to see some brilliant photographs, or just to follow the stadium’s progress, visit

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