Saturday, 6 December 2008

Abseiling, Howick Falls is proud to have Over The Top Adventures onboard as they do, along with other exciting adventure activity, present us with the awesome prospect of abseiling down the cliffs at Howick falls. If you’ve never abseiled, yet have partaken in extreme sport such as Bungy jumping or Skydiving, don’t make the mistake of thinking that abseiling is to soft for you, it is a completely different experience and is just as unforgettable.

Big mouth here, talks from experience. The first time I ever abseiled was off a cliff face in Parys in the Orange Free State. The company I worked for at the time took us away on team building weekend which in truth was a waste of time and money; I won’t bore you with the details of that, but for some reason corporate people roughing it for 3 days never seems to get the desired result, from my experience if anything, it makes staff resentful.

Anyway, the highlight was on the Sunday morning where we were given a choice of going abseiling or horse riding, needless to say myself and a few others climbed on the abseiling Land Rover and off we went. I wasn’t at all nervous or concerned as I had previously participated in several other activities that one would consider far more extreme, including Bungy jumping at several different locations.

When we arrived and I saw that the cliff was only about 12 meters high, my enthusiasm turned to disappointment as it looked totally unchallenging and uninspiring. The others, mostly ladies from the office, had never participated in anything like this and were all a bit apprehensive; knowing my reputation they looked to me to set the example.

We climbed up the path that took us to the top and suddenly once there, it took on a whole new perspective. One could see for miles and looking down it didn’t seem so unchallenging anymore, it felt a damn side higher. Once the rigging was done and I was kitted out to go, the instruction was, while holding the rope to control leverage, to stand on the edge facing away and lean back.

The sensation of leaning backwards off a cliff to the point that my head was almost parallel to my feet, ranks up there among the most amazing heart pumping adrenalin sensations I have ever experienced. Once you start kicking backwards off the sides to ascend down the cliff face, you quickly realize how easy it is to control. Once you get a feel for it and become more confident you take bigger and bigger jumps till eventually you feel like you are flying down.

Abseiling is an absolutely awesome experience and Howick Falls with Over The Top Adventures, rate among the best venues in South Africa at which to do it. If you have never abseiled you have to try it, I rate it up there with the best of Adventure Activity available and don’t make the mistake that I did, and under estimate it. The venue in Parys was Mickey Mouse compared to Howick. :)

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