Friday, 19 December 2008

Allure Land Another Big Marlin

Our resident fishing charter provider, Allure Charters operating out of Durban, went big again, this time they succeeded in bagging a black marlin that weighed in at 220kg. Those of you who follow big game fishing in KZN, are probably very much aware that they do make a habit of this, and have several records taboo.

A little bit of history, Allure was the top tag and release boat over the 2003/2004 marlin season off Durban with 28 fish tagged and released. In December 2002 Allure bagged the record for the biggest marlin caught off Durban, a black marlin of 506lbs. Doing the thought process, converting it into Kilograms places it at 229.5 kg, which means the latest catch was just 9kg short of rewriting the record books.

The Crew onboard Allure has a first-rate reputation for delivering excellent customer service. Their philosophy is that the skipper and the team are there to help and make sure YOU do the catching. They are a dedicated charter operation committed to delivering more than just a superior boat. Consistent success is not the result of luck, it takes a well coordinated crew with better than average tackle and a well designed boat to make it all happen.

Besides the fact that they definitely know how to catch, they are a great bunch guys with a first class boat that has recently been overhauled for the purpose of enhancing your experience. With Allure now boasting some very inviting creature comforts, and the allure of the The Big Blue, give Len a call for a fantastic day out on the water.

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