Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Cape Town Tourism & Paragliding

I was watching the e-News channel the other morning and found myself making one of those annoying ha ha noises and pointing to the screen. They were running a segment on tourism in Cape Town and how our travel friendly exchange rate during a global economic downturn, has made the mother city a preferred travel destination of choice. They say that out the world’s top tourist locations, Cape Town is now well placed among the more affordable options.

So why the monkey behavior? I hear you ask. The lady hosting the segment was standing on a field overlooking Camps Bay beach, while in the background almost as though on queue, a tandem paraglide was being concluded and could be seen making the final turn to come in for landing, the kind of thing that conveniently supports the presenter’s subject matter.

From the signature colors of the chute, it was unmistakably our friend Steff from Para-Pax doing what he does best. Steff operates mostly from the Signal Hill and Lions head area of Cape Town’s Table Mountain range and in my humble opinion, offers one of the best Adventure Experiences available anywhere.

It's funny how one reacts to seeing people they know on the tele. Nonetheless, If taking in spectacular views while gliding through the skies above arguably the most scenic city and stretch of coast in the world, floats your boat, give Steff a call. I promise you, you wont regret it. To find out more CLICK HERE.

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