Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Christmas Tale

Merry Christmas to everybody, and to whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you had an excellent and joyful day. This year we did something different and traveled up to Johannesburg to celebrate with my girlfriend’s family, where a true Christmas storey unfolded.

There was a family member present who at the age of 16, 30 + years ago, had given birth to a son and due to circumstances at the time, made an exceedingly difficult choice and gave the child up for adoption. Without going into the details of her life, in the years to come she struggled emotionally and was never able to make peace with it, until now.

In 2008 she spent her first Christmas with her son, and what a brilliant Christmas it was. He was up from Cape Town with his wife and daughter and a fantastic time was had by all. As an outsider looking in, for me it’s uncanny just how alike the two of them are and the genuine affection they share for each other, it’s as though they have never been apart.

NOW for the really amazing aspect to this storey, they found each other on FACEBOOK. To anybody who believes the internet is destructive, you should have had Christmas lunch with us. To today’s Blog Post protagonists, I wish you many many happy years of making up for lost time, and thanks for an excellent Christmas.

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