Friday, 12 December 2008

Crocodile Creek

The above picture sequence was taken at Crocodile Creek, a crocodile farm that boasts over 7000 of the “Little Beauties” and is situated on Kwazulu Natal’s Dolphin Coast. Species include Nile, Alligators, Caimen, Slender Snouted and dwalf crocs.

Now’s a good time to go, as the crocodile eggs are hatching, eggs hatch between December and March and on both occasion I have been in last two weeks, I have got to see new crocks come into the world, its awesome.

There is also a guide there named Sean Cruz who is a real character and whose enthusiasm for crocodiles and giving tours, knows no bounds. It is very inexpensive activity and one that is well suited to children…. I highly recommend it.

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