Saturday, 27 December 2008

Gifts for the Adrenalin Junkie

With Christmas having been and gone now’s probably not the best time to do a post entitled Gifts for the Adrenalin Junkie. I did however in my quest for blog inspiration come across a website that does just that and in some cases is more suited to James Bond junkies, rather than those who like extreme sport. To give you an idea, I have compiled some samples and have best described my understanding of them.

Movies with Motion Racing Chair: From what I can gather this is a chair that simulates the F1 experience.
Magic Wheel: At best this as a really unusual space age looking foot scooter.
Digital Camera Swim Mask: This one definitely has some merit, it’s an underwater digital camera attached to the diving mask.

iDive 300: Ipod type device for those who want to listen to music while they dive.
Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof Player from iriver: It’s a waterproof digital music player. I imagine its intended to float on the water, it does however say it is built to sink or swim.
Oregon Scientific ATC5K Action Camera: This is shockproof camera made specifically for the taping of your own daredevil stunts; you attach to your body and do what you do.

CiFi speaker kit: A hands free music and cell phone kit for bicycles.
Down Low Glow. Not sure I get this one; it’s bicycle that has a glow in the dark look to it, kind of a bicycle version of the fast and the furious.
Vertical treadmill: A climbing wall treadmill, as you climb the wall rotates downward on a belt so you can climb for as long as you like.

Then lastly…..Zenith Defy Xtreme Zero-G Watch: This is a shocker, its clearly the ultimate adrenalin Junkie watch and is marketed as being indestructible, which at a price of $500,000 US, it definitely wont be appearing in my Christmas sock ….EVER.

This comes with the usual disclaimer of course which is these are my own interpretations of something I found on the net, if the above mentioned products are of interests to you, I suggest you google them and find out more. For those who like real life adventure with or without the gadgets, there is always

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