Sunday, 28 December 2008

Good Beach Behavior

I had a good giggle earlier and “YES” we South Africans do have wicked sense of humor at times. There are people who regularly read this blog and sometimes feel compelled to pass comments of a nature that is sometimes not advisable for repeat.

Nonetheless, in yesterdays post entitled “Gifts for the Adrenalin Junkie” we featured a gadget called the Digital Camera Swim Mask. It’s an underwater digital camera built into a diving mask and is obviously intended for divers wanting to capture images of the awesome marine life they encounter in the big blue. It is in fact a brilliant idea.

Well, it didn’t take to long before somebody suggested that there are some awesome underwater images one could capture in the more shallow waters at Clifton beach. All I could think of in response to the person in question, and the same applies to anybody else with similar ideas, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, you will probably get arrested .... YOU MORON. :)

Photo, Clifton 4th beach by warrenski, courtesy of

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