Wednesday, 10 December 2008

GPS, is Best

Every now and then in life, you come across somebody that introduces you to something new that before long, you end up wondering how you ever survived without it. In my case one such product is my Garmin's NĂ¼vi 310, and the person who introduced it to me was one Mr Mark Roach. Thank You Mark.

I am one of those people who spend my life traveling in my motor vehicle looking for places that are sometimes very difficult to find. I call on Adventure Activity operators around the country, and prior to having my Garmin, I spent more time lost than not, for me, it has been life changing.

One feature, I find absolutely fascinating, is that it estimates your arrival time, and is so pin point accurate. I recently drove from Cape Town to Durban and right from the start; it predicted a time of two hours later than the calculation I had prepared in my head. No matter how fast I went or how many trucks I got stuck behind, as well as thunder storms I drove through, it kept to its prediction within a ten minute variance. Needless to say, it proved itself to be a lot smarter than I am.

It is an incredibly simple device to use and is very affordable, it’s a must have for anybody who does a lot of traveling or regularly calls on addresses that are not familiar to them. Regular visitors to our website, may have seen a banner ad on the top right hand side of our home page for Gismap GPS Shop. Gismap is the on-line business owned by Mark Roach who as I alluded to earlier, supplied me with my new favorite gadget.

If you are interested in finding out more, visit his site at where you can purchase you Garmin products on-line. Think about what a fantastic Christmas gift it will make for that special adventure enthusiast somebody, and you wont have to go to the dreaded mall to fetch it.

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