Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Looking Back At 2008

The Last day of 2008 is upon us and looking back, as with every year that goes by, there’s good and bad to ponder. Global Economic Crunch… BAD, beating the Aussies at cricket in their own back Yard …..PRICELESS.

We can continue along those lines if you like, Liverpool ending the year at the top of the premiership ….GOOD, Captain Steven Gerrard spending the night behind bars for over celebrating ….NOT SO GOOD.

The Boks having come last in the Tri – Nations ….BAD, returning from their European tour unbeaten ……GOOD.

It was another year of brilliant and hard hitting cartoons from Zapiro….GOOD, Zapiro being sued by Jacob Zuma and Co …..BAD

Robert Mugabe gets beaten at the polls….EXELLENT. Robert Mugabe just wont go ….*"!# BAD

And so it goes….

By the By: the above pic of Zapirio was taken at the launch of his cartoon collection Take Two Veg and Call Me in the Morning. :) It was found on and was originally Uploaded by BOOKphotoSA. Although the launch took place way back in 2007, I couldn’t resist slotting it in. :)

For 2008 proved to be our defining year. Our ongoing efforts to keep the site fresh, exciting and relevant to adventure seekers means we are now achieving 250 000 hits and over 9,000 new visitors PER MONTH. As a result, is ranked in the top 500 sites in South Africa and we have succeeded in positioning ourselves as South Africa's No 1 Adventure Activity Web Portal.

For 2009 we will not be taking our foot off the exhilarator and we anticipate an even better year ahead. We take this opportunity to thank all our clients and readers for their ongoing support and wish that whatever it is that truly makes you happy, happens for you in the year ahead. Happy New Year to ALL :)

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