Monday, 8 December 2008

Mad about Paintball

Hi All, here’s another little beauty I came across on the net, written by Matty Marshall Spoke by Original Team XSV. I’m not sure what that means but clearly the lad is passionate about Paintball. I share it with you for two reasons; firstly our analytics tell us that the paintball pages on our site are among the most popular, secondly, I really enjoyed reading it and although probably not how it was intended, I found it extremely amusing. Here goes……..

“It's a sick and perverse thing, we know. But it's what we're good at. Shooting people for a living, playing paintball. Ya that's right…paintball. And the real world thinks this is lame, or crazy, or fun, or a waste of time. They don't understand what we do, or how hard it is. Even the wives, the girlfriends, the family, the friends, they don't understand the battle, our battle. For glory, for money, for the people you believe in, but mostly for respect. And for this fight, that nobody gives a **** about.

We've traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, to hundreds of towns. Been shot thousands of times. Slept on floors, in trains stations. Bounced rent checks. Because we're good at this. Because it's hard and humbling. Because some days, you really can be a hero to your friends. And if your boys, and my boys ever meet on the field in a gun fight. WE WILL ********! - H4AD Written By Matty Marshall Spoke by Original Team XSV”

There you have it, sorry about the censorship ….But Hey …it’s a family site.
Regarding the above pic, well sometimes, as Matty Marshall tells us in his own unique way, Paintballers too have to suffer for their Art. :)

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