Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Santa Really Can Fly

For those who doubt the existence of Santa Clause, he was recently spotted flying through the air in the Orlando suburb of Soweto. The above picture was taken at the Orlando Towers Power Swing venue, and we at AdventureEscapades.co.za, are extremely pleased that the jolly old chap is taking a bit of time out to enjoy some great Adventure Activity and unwind, before going into his busy season.

As you can hopefully tell from the pic, he chose a superb summer’s day to put the famous swing to the test. He was apparently overheard saying to Mrs Clause, “look I’m flying and no rain dear.” Ho ho ho :)

That being said, the highlight of Santa’s day, was hearing that there’s finally a chimney for him to go down, without having to face the usual tight squeeze. They are busy building the long awaited new platform that faces INTO the tower, this in preparation of the INTERNAL SWING.

It won’t be long before you and Santa both will be able to launch yourselves into the centre of the cooling tower, facing nothing but radiating spokes of concrete 100m below you...Aaaaaargh!!!!

Now that is something to be jolly about. Ho ho ho.

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