Sunday, 21 December 2008

Shark Personalities

There have been so many extraordinary stories of late pertaining to sharks that they have become regular Blog material. Last week we featured Thomas Peschak, Shark Photographer along with the awesome photo he took of a Great White trailing behind a Kayak.

We have made mention of the fact that a somewhat unusual adventure activity on offer is diving with Ragged Tooth Sharks, available at the Two Oceans aquarium in Cape Town as well as Ushaka in Durban. We also wrote about Shark Spotters and the alarming picture they took in Fish Hoek in 2006, which has now resurfaced as part of a hoax e-mail that is doing the rounds.

Amazingly our site analytics tell us that one of the most popular blog posts we have ever put together is entitled Michael Rutzen, "Sharkman" and to be fair, was written in a tongue and cheek manner with no disrespect intended. People are clearly fascinated by his endeavors and the YouTube video we attached to support it, is absolutely awesome, if you haven’t seen it CLICK HERE

The reason why I have sharks on my mind again today is that I am feeling quite honored to have received a short e-mail from George Askew via our website feedback form. He thanked us for the mention we made of him and asked for an e-mail address as he would like to make some comments. If you are not sure who George Askew is, Google him, he is another Legendary shark personality who is committed to dispelling the many myths that accompany these creatures.

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