Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Taking The Bus

On Monday afternoon in Cape Town I discovered an adventure experience that combines the skills one acquires from playing Paintball with Monster Truck racing all for a cost of under R5, 00, its called Taking The Bus, and thousands of people do it on a daily bases.

The Opel Corsa van was in for a service which meant I was stuck in Cape Town’s city centre for the day without transport. I decided to take a bus into Observatory to visit an old colleague and for me the sum total of the experience was that of sympathy, for the masses who have no choice other than to use our horrendous public transport system.

I arrived at the Bus terminal which at best can be described as filthy dirty and made my way to pick up zone D3 as the signage indicated I should. While waiting for the bus to arrive, is where paintball skills came in handy as I spent most of the time strategically positioning myself to avoid perceived threats. There where some really shady people hanging around the bus stop and instinctively, I did my utmost to ensure that should one of them make a move, I could immediately turn defense into attack.

I did this by having my hands on my notebook backpack strap, SO YES, if anything were to happen, I was going to hit them with my bag :) I’m pleased to report that other than the exchange of some really nasty stares, as if to say who the hell are you and what the *#!?* are you doing here, nothing untoward occurred, until the bus arrived anyway.

The bus itself was old, cranky, very uncomfortable, overcrowded, and the driver drove like an absolute maniac. The seats are hard and very close to one another and being thrown around in them by the appalling driving of a monster truck driver wannabe, was all part of the experience.

What amazed me was the amount of people onboard and how totally unperturbed they seemed, showing no emotion whatsoever. To those who take the bus on a daily bases it has clearly become an excepted norm, they are immune to the dangers and the driver simply couldn’t care. The only saving grace was the cost, at R3,90 it makes for a great low low budget Adventure Experience.

Photo: Bigfoot Bus by ßlϋeωãvε, Courtesy of

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