Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Adventure Sports Season

This has got to be tops, finally the Christmas Adventure Sports Season has arrived! We are off and will return in January 2010. We will be equally enthusiastic, since 2010 promises to present even more exciting new adventures.

The weather is great and water sport action will be high on many Christmas wish lists. It is not too late to wrap an adventure for your favourite person to enjoy in January. Simply select a gift from the many available and book online, so simple! We seriously suggest that you book for yourself as giving a little of your time will make any adventure gift doubly precious.

We wish you a Jolly Good Christmas and all the best for 2010. Keep the adrenalin flowing this Christmas Adventure Sports Season with Adventure Escapades.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

Find the utopia of adventure at Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy! This is it! The highest commercial jump, situated 216 meters above the Bloukrans River on the Garden Route in the Western Province, South Africa. Seasoned staff will walk you to the jump platform in a full body harness, count you down and after you have heard all their pointers, away you go!

You will love this pendulum bungy system which delivers the smoothest, most comfortable jump achievable.

If this is not enough book today for the double rush! Combine the bungy experience with the Flying Fox, a 200m cable slide. Commonly known in South African as a Foofie slide. If you begin with this you will find it ends at the point where you begin your bungy, smooth planning indeed. If not the Flying fox is a great standalone experience too. Have it your way both or either one. The action begins at Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Adventure Above the Clouds

With W1ngs Charter Services you can enjoy an awesome adventure above the clouds. We have it on expert authority that air taxis are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and with the FIFA Soccer World Cup event heading our way in 177 days you had best have some smart travel plans arranged.

W1ngs will get you to more than 4000 destinations around the world without the nightmare of long queues, cramped seats and plastic food! Design your life the way you deserve it and enjoy your business or family more by arriving where you need to b, relaxed, refreshed and rearing for action.

This is a simple process, much like booking a taxi cab. W1ngs will keep your path smoothed from take-off right up to the chauffeur driven vehicle which can deliver you to the doorstep of your chosen arrival point. If your New Year’s resolutions include better laid better plans and stylish travel, book today for you Adventure Above the Clouds.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Dream Helicopter Adventure

A Dream Helicopter Adventure has got to be at the top of the heap if you rate adventure activities by prestige. Prestige aside, you can ask a 5 year-old adventurer in training if he’d like to fly in a helicopter for Christmas and his answer will be YES!

Say YES to your dream adventure too. The holiday season is the right time for an adventure, when faced with an empty day, simply visit Adventure Escapades and fill all the yawning gaps with exhilarating action. Life is for living. Live it passionately and spoil yourself with the ultimate action experience on board this iconic huey helicopter!

This is a well loved machine with a colourful history that extends from Vietnam to Alabama and continues here at the Cape Town Waterfront! Meet the huey that has completed more than one mission impossible. This tough guy will show your views from the sky that you will never forget. Open right through the festive season, except for Christmas Day, your Dream Helicopter Adventure is waiting to be enjoyed at The Huey Helicopter Co.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pilanesberg Elephant-back Safaris

You will get more than a jolly ride perched on top of a beast somewhat too large to straddle comfortably when you book your adventure at Pilanesberg Elephant-back Safaris. This is home to an adoring family of Elephant who have grown accustomed to a high level of interaction with mankind. These massive yet gentle beasts may well steal your heart away so be prepared for touching more than an elephant!

As you see these elephant relate to humans, you will understand the meaning of trust in ways you had not previously imagined. These are magical and mysterious creatures capable of such destruction yet equally able to be gentle and humble. You will feel the spirit of Africa when you visit these huge creatures.

To be so graceful when you weigh in at around 7000kg plus is an admirable accomplishment! Game viewing from such an enviable perch has tremendous appeal and as their gait is reasonably steady you will have moments to capture some stunning photographs. Choose the elephant-back safari, elephant experience or both and learn about the amazing relationships that can be nurtured in Africa against all odds! Book with Pilanesberg Elephant-back Safaris today for a holiday adventure to brag about!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sagarmatha Adventure

A sublimely suitable way to explore the gorgeous regions at the foot of Monks Cowl in the Drakensberg is on horseback with Sagarmatha. For many years inhabitants of these parts have travelled on horseback by necessity and you can too, for the pleasure. Venture into delightful forests and traverse the expansive grasslands all the while simply soaking up the dramatic panoramic views.

Bushmen’s art and a visit to a traditional Zulu village can be organized. So while the upcoming holiday is for relaxing and in the summertime that pool at your resort will have huge appeal, do book for an early morning sojourn or afternoon gaiter. Go deeper. Why spend your holiday tip-toeing on the edges, embrace the gap away from technology to meet and share with local folk at all levels. This is a more adventurous way to enjoy your holiday and will leave you culturally enriched, more knowledgeable and in many cases so much more appreciative of the comforts you enjoy daily when you return home!

Mountain bikers and keen hikers can be entertained with combination tours to their liking. We can take 5 to 105 year olds so ease the tension of a family Christmas with an outride, a new perspective and bountiful fresh air. For strong Bashoto horses, comfortable English saddles and a trail designed for novice riders or dab hand horsemen and horsewomen, book with Sagarmatha today.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Simons Town Sea Kayak Tours

Simons Town Sea Kayak Tours will provide you with the addictive opportunity to enjoy paddling the coastline with an excellent guide. If you need tips to improve you paddle power Derek is most willing to drop in some coaching quips to assist. The scenery on view from the kayaks is phenomenal and those endearing penguins make it even more memorable.

This really is action sport that can accommodate most people, in fact 99% of Derek’s customers have never paddled before! PLUS you can catch a breather on the peaceful beach to rest your muscles. If you want something more extreme book the kayak surfing trip and test your strength. Basically if you can manage a 2 hour walk and weigh not more than around 110kg you are in. Even 10 year olds can cope, but we like younger kids to have an adult in the kayak with them. These are massively stable kayaks and over a year there are maybe three people who make a splash mainly as a result of too much horseplay!

Kayaking around Simons Town can be enjoyed year round. Summer is warmer but winter offers abundant clear calm water days and a better chance of whale spotting. Rainy weather does not keep us off the water but if the wind really gets going we do reconsider. So book with Simons Town Sea Kayak Tours and you could spot penguins, seals, cormorants, terns, gulls and sometimes even the remarkable oystercatcher

Friday, 20 November 2009

Xama Adventures

Venture out with Xama Adventures in and around Cape Town, to the Orange River, the Kalahari, Namib Desert and as far afield as exotic Istanbul, Turkey! This company originally devised by a Father and Son partnership has an interesting range of action available to you. We love that they have a commitment to service quality and are confident they will deal efficiently with all your requirements.

Rafting trips to the Breede or Orange river as a team, family or school group remains a popular choice. In between sporting action the natural beauty and fresh air will get your feet firmly back on the ground. We all know how important it is to achieve a balance with nature by taking the occasional breather from the frenetic pace of our modern lifestyles. Xama Adventures may have the healthy answer to improving your jaded team’s mojo!

If you are in Cape Town for a short time let Xama Adventures take you for a scenic flight, this is a great way to take in a lot of the Cape Peninsula in a short amount of time from a heavenly perspective. You will be in great hands when you venture out with Xama Adventures.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Holiday Adventure in Kosi Bay

Choose a holiday adventure in Kosi Bay, Zululand, KwaZulu Natal for your next escapade. This water lover’s paradise is made up of four connecting lakes. If you enjoy a chance to breathe in the heady quiet of natural surrounds between your sporting pursuits, this is one highly suitable option for you. During the quiet moments you may notice that you share a space with vulture, heron, or a kingfisher amongst other bird species.

Nestled amongst the gorgeous sand dunes surrounding these delightful lakes you’ll find the pretty duiker and the reed chalets of Amangwane Kosi Bay. Relax in rustic luxury after a good day spent fishing, kayaking, canoeing and snorkelling. Listen out for the tooting owls while dinner is served under a night sky canopy brightened by the boldest stars.

Amangwane Kosi Bay tour guides will happily customise the tour package combination you require and another exciting add-on could be an elephant safari at the nearby reserve where you may be treated to sightings of hippo or crocodile. Be sure to visit the interesting fish traps for a walk back in time with the locals who will happily explain their successful fishing methods to you. This is a special place and you are special. You deserve a holiday adventure in Kosi Bay with Amangwane Kosi Bay.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Adventure Sports 2010

With the huge World Cup Soccer due in 218 days we must urge all thrill-seekers to book their adventure sports 2010 fast. There are just 31 week-ends until our gorgeous land fills to it’s brim with welcome visitors from various corners of the globe.

Plan your adventure sports in time to maximize your enjoyment of a tour of South Africa. It will be a busy time and you do not want to be caught drooling while you can only stand by and watch others enjoy the adventure sports you wish you had booked months back. We want to help so go to today and get your action plan set up.

There are plenty of choices from our collection of in excess of 940 listings. So pump up your level of excitement one click at a time, book your adventure sports 2010.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Water Sport Action

We live in a country geared for awesome water sport action. From McDougall’s Bay to Rocktail Bay, South Africa has a 2800km long stunningly scenic coastline for water sport adventurers to splash in. Water baby heaven is a place on earth! The great climate we enjoy provides plenty of sun soaked days to pursue scuba-diving, fishing, sailing, spear-gun fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, kite-boarding and surfing.

If the salty sea gets too much you can head inland for freshwater sports on a river, lake or dam. Dabble in some fly-fishing for delicious rainbow trout or chase rapids white-water river rafting. Waterskiing is popular, along with windsurfing and canoeing at most dams. Follow this with a boat cruise while you watch the sun sink behind a gorgeous African horizon and share big stories about your incredibly big catch.

For the more competitive, join a club or find a seasoned paddler and train-up for the famous Duzi Canoe Marathon challenge. There are numerous qualifying races to test your metal before the great 3 day race. Catch one of a number of multi-event challenges around the country, especially suitable if you have less time to commit to the serious training schedule required to build fitness for the Duzi Canoe Marathon. Visit Adventure Escapades to select your water sport action and book a healthy dose of adventure for the weekend.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Land Adventures

Visiting South Africa or holidaying here, there is a wide variety of land adventures for all. We have 30 categories for you to select your play place from. With adventures for complete novices all the way through to the experienced fundis.

Whether you enjoy the outdoor beauty of this country at a gentle walk taking in birdlife and scenery or at a hectic breathless gallop, we’ll have what you are looking for. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we will do our absolute best to find it. With the biggest network of adventure listings in South Africa we are geared up for the task!

Archery, Big Swings, Canopy Tours, we have the ABC of adventure available to you at the click of your mouse. So ease back, gulp in some huge breaths and book yourself a taste of this smorgasbord of action treats before you nod off in front of the screen! This vast and beautifully contrasting landscape that is South Africa has land adventures for everyone.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Big African Sky Adventures

We have one of the most satisfying climates for big African sky adventures in the world. In the Cape you’ll be blessed with dry blue sky summers and if your play place is in the air you can move up to KwaZulu-Natal where most of our mild winters come with blue sky days.

You may be up for the most exciting thrill of skydiving with local experts available to train you up for a thrilling solo jump. Extremely high on the excitement chart is flying in a fighter jet plane, these flights come in at between 40 minutes and an hour so you can almost squeeze one in a lunch break. What a way to boost your flagging energy levels for the afternoon.

If a more leisurely pace is what fits you best, try gliding in various forms or ballooning, the gentlemen’s choice with a champagne picnic on hand. Whatever your pleasure chasing these big African sky adventures will be totally rewarding in this gorgeous land of contrasts.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Adventure Seekers

Adventure seekers know that adrenalin is that clever little stimulating hormone secreted by the adrenal glands to give you a feeling of euphoria. At Adventure Escapades we know that holidaymakers, tourists and frequent adventurers all want their action activities to be easily accessible whether is in or on the Water, on Land or up above in the Air . Mix these elements together and you will have a mutually satisfying alliance.

We hook the visitors to our site up with the activity provider of their choice in the area they want to chase their chosen pursuit. South Africa is a large country so especially for overseas tourists this site is a fabulous tool which will help them to get in touch with the most suitable venue for their thrill fulfilment without traipsing to each corner of our gorgeous country in a limited amount of time. We think each corner is worthy of exploration but we recommend that you take time to savour all the experiences on offer. Crashing through at a breakneck speed is not best, although for the severely jaded it could be an entrepreneur’s gap for a new weird and whacky listing.

To get back on track, we at Adventure Escapades are there for you if you get lost and cannot find your way in this mixed up world we can set you up with some fun to put the spunk back into your life. For spills and thrills we hope that if you have read this you will save this website as a favourite and share this key to adventure satisfaction with you fellow adventure seekers.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wild Five Adventure

Head to KwaZulu-Natal and to discover the Wild Five Adventure experience. Take the N2 south and twelve kilometres after Port Shepstone, head inland towards the Oribi Gorge Hotel. You will enjoy easy access to a healthy spread of action while being comfortably accommodated and entertained.

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve offers stunning vistas to restore body, mind, soul and those aching muscles when the action is over. You may delight in a picnic beside the river. Other treats in store will include sighting common reedbuck, bushbuck, oribi and duiker. Very fortunate visitors have also sighted leopard. Whilst eyeballing the trees for a large cat you will notice some of the 250 odd bird species in this area.

Abseiling, white water rafting, wild slide, wild swing, hiking trails and bike trails as well as a beach just 20 kilometres away are all available to satiate your appetite for the total Wild Five adventure.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ramp Adventure

It is happening in Melbourne, a huge ramp adventure! The Megaramp which exceeds the height of any 9 storey building will be assembled at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne over four days.

This is extreme ramp adventure. Revered by skate board and bmx enthusiasts worldwide. The first ramp event of this magnitude ever seen in the southern hemisphere. With an awesome line up of world class talent the inaugural spectacle will be mind blowing.

All 14 of the guys in the whole wide world known to be tough enough to handle this monster ramp will be there. On the 31st October 2009, Megarampage in Melbourne will be the biggest ramp adventure we have ever seen.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Scuba Adventure

For many lucky adventurers we will have an extra day this week to enjoy a Scuba Adventure. If you have planned correctly you will have scored four happy holidays in a row. This also gives those land-locked South Africans more time to travel to your nearest beach and hook up with a dive instructor. Divine!

Dive Permits are essential so remember to get yours at a mere R75-00 for the whole year. This makes so much more cents than buying a temporary one at R45-00, which is valid for just one single month.

We live in such a superbly beautiful country with an awesome natural heritage including berg, beach and great hills, plains and midlands in between. So if the ocean is your remedy head along for a Scuba Adventure.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Affordable Adventure

It is time for an affordable adventure guys! Book yourself some free time on Friday and head for Orlando Towers for a half-price Bungee Jump. This is giveaway fun at a bargain price.

You will be met by a guide, and take by the open-air lift to a stage just 3m from the very tip-most top of that tall tower. From there you step onto the floating stairway which is a bonus thrill on it’s own. Then onto the sky-bridge suspended about 100m above the ground. Superb views of Soweto will be yours from up high. You will be safely harnessed by experienced bungee technicians and then it is time for you to take the jump. Rapunzel’s fellow did it without all the safety regulations, rest assured if he made it you will too.

So click now to make your booking before all the slots are taken. If you thought the economic crunch had spoiled your fun, think again. You can enjoy this affordable adventure just R240-00, this Friday the 18th September 2009 only.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Extreme Adventure

Orlando Towers has more to get your adrenalin pumping with a new extreme adventure activity. The 100m swing between two old Orlando Power Station towers has had adventure junkies clamoring for more.

Now more than you asked for is available. Construction is complete.You can count down to the newest bungee jump in Johannesburg. A world first as there is no other bungee jump between two cooling towers. The bridge offers super views of Soweto. It is easily accessible from Johannesburg central you take the M1, fork right to the N1 and take the M68 Soweto on your left into Old Potch Road. After 3 kilometres you can enter at the security boom.

Get your share of booming action at Orlando Towers with this extreme adventure.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sand Adventure

Sandboarding is an awesome adventure that will challenge your speed, balance and steering skills. This is so much fun and even without experience you can carve the dunes at pace.

Sun, surf, sand and the guts to go full throttle are required. You can take it easy by opting out before the end of your run. Average tracks are around 100m with the longest known in South Africa measuring 350m. It’s it like surfing just dry, great for anyone with a shark phobia and no waiting for a wave. The dunes are always up for action.

The thrill of sandboarding sessions can change the way you live your life. This is addictive action therapy you do not want to miss. Join our Face book group and share your sand adventure stories.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Adventure Advertising

I received an e-mail recently from a fellow wanting us to do some advertising in a Western Province publication. I took the time to read through and see how it could work for Adventure Escapades and once again I was stunned by what they want to charge. This sort of experience is always somewhat thrilling as it confirms my faith in our own pricing and also reminds me that there aren’t many around who provide as much Boom per Buck over a massive area, as you will note on the Cluster Map.

A page on our site such as the Isle of Capri will cost only R297, 00 and it comes with all the conceivable add-ons you can think of.

Simply click through to the Isle of Capri and you would have see that our flagship offering is a full page spread, the main body comprises of three sections for copy content, with two photographs per section to support it. They also come with an enquiry form which generates an e-mail to the operator, as well as SMS notification when a client fills it out.

Search Engine Optimization: On if you search the terms Adventure Activity or Adventure Activities, we come up first (below the sponsored links) and have done so for over a year now. Flagship listings are given additional exposure as they regularly feature in this Blog. Our Blog feeds directly to our home page (see the left hand side) and has a fairly substantial readership with you of course being one of them.

We do extensive offline marketing of the site. Our site traffic is significant and we have a growing FaceBook community. Several search facilities have been designed to make the site as user friendly as possible as well as aesthetically attractive.

The six display windows on our home page all feature flagship listings which click through to their unique page; it works on an automatic rotational cycle creating home page exposure for all vendors. It also ensures that home page content regularly changes, keeping the site crispy fresh and always interesting. in a nutshell, presents activity operators with an affordable tool to communicate directly to their target market both locally and abroad. Our concept is in many ways unique and successfully delivers significant and measurable results. All this Boom per Buck and more, for a fraction of the cost of mainstream advertising, if you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to give me a call on 0861 106 638.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Snake Adventure

A Safari with a difference is what you get when you book a snake adventure with Mike Perry of African Reptile and Venom Safaris. Mike has been a reptile enthusiast since 1963. At ten years old he began to bag these creatures and so began a lifelong passion. To date Mike has been hosted in various wildlife shows. Meet him in person as you search together for reptiles to photograph.

We live in a country where all outdoor adventures have the added edge of possibly coming upon a fierce reptile. It is sensible to know something about snakes so that you know how to handle such confrontations. Mike offers practical hands-on courses which will give you the ability to identify the brutes from the babes. This is a must for hikers, birders and mountain climbers to name a few. Whether you have a passion for these beings is irrelevant, they are a fact of life for anyone adventuring in South Africa so be powerful in your knowledge.

African Reptiles and Venom Safaris include Snakebite treatment in their course content. So be prepared. Life is an adventure better enjoyed by those who are well prepared. Know your snakes and please train your game rangers for snake adventures you can survive to remember!

Monday, 31 August 2009

South Africa in 2010

For all adventure seekers looking forward to visiting South Africa in 2010 we will have loads of thrilling destinations available for you to book direct from our site. If you have an unquenchable lust for adventure save this site to your favourites folder today. We will keep our site up to date with all the hot and happening outdoor adventure venues.

South Africa has an awesome zip line at Sun City adjoining the Pilansberg area. This extreme adventure is a world hit as it is the most extreme cable available to ride. At 280 metres above the ground you get to zip along at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour for 2000 metres. The Unreal Zip 2000 is a winner. If you have been looking for the ultimate thrill, this is it!

Visitors will be spoiled with the extensive range of adventure sports available. We have it sorted for you. Extreme adventure pundits need look no further than Adventure Escapades to book their adrenalin kicks in South Africa in 2010.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Pillion Motorcycle Adventure

You may be a seasoned traveller with a fair collection of experiences but have you tried this leisurely and exciting pillion motorcycle adventure? You book the tour that suits you, gear up in suitable black leather with the tassels if you like and simply hop on the back and forget the world as your tour guide takes over.

This is unrestricted touring enjoyment at its peak. Thrill to the sights, sound and smells of open-air Africa. A great way to enjoy our wide open space, visit quaint towns as you break for refreshments, and revel in the adventure of riding pillion on a beautiful BMW K1200GT. If you only have an hour to spare then there is no better way to arrive at work on Monday morning than on the back of such a powerful machine. Beat the blues and fire some rumours that will keep the office buzzing all week long!

Turn everyday sightseeing into an unforgettable experience while delighting in two wheel luxury. Safely give up your cares as your driver with 28 years motorcycling experience takes you off to your destination of choice. Book your pillion bike adventure with BikeXplorer Pillion Motorcycles Tours today. This will be an extraordinary adventure.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Adventure South Africa vs New Zealand

At 268, 000 square kilometres in area on the bottom edge of the world New Zealand is known to some as the “Adventure Capital of the World”. We at Adventure Escapades have to ask how our own country compares in terms of this claim.

New Zealand has a Lord of the Rings landscape with hairline fiords and glacier topped mountains in the south, rolling green hills edged with golden beaches in the north and an abundance of volcanic activity providing many geysers and natural hot pools. We have 1,219,912 square kilometres of Drakensberg mountain range sans glaciers, numerous hilly areas, semi-deserts, grasslands, rivers, lakes, dams and varied coastlines with some incredibly high sand dunes to compete. That’s around 4 and a half times more adventure beckoning. Given their landscape has more extremes crammed into a smaller area, so the first impression may be more intense. When we add our abundant wildlife to the mix surely adventures here in South Africa clinch the top spot in this play-off of natural resources.

New Zealand has credit for the invention of zorbing which is an extremely thrilling activity we have not quite kept pace. Yet we have elephant-back safaris. It looks like we can certainly hold our own as a worthy adventure destination at an easier price tag. So Adventure in South Africa vs New Zealand, we can conclude we rate favourably as a world class adventure destinations.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Adventure in South Africa

We are extremely lucky to live in a country with a rugged and beautiful landscape where we can pursue a wide range of adventures. The weather is turning and as winter begins to pack its bags we can look forward to a long warm season. Weekends once again will be crammed with action as we throw back the covers and head outdoors.

For the adrenalin junkies who like to live on the edge and taste some danger there are more challenging pursuits available such as skydiving or extreme bungee jumping. For those who prefer less uncertain challenges a jaunt on elephant back could be a treat. Perhaps the simple pursuit of bird watching will be your choice.

The weekend is approaching fast. If you are online for some fun adventures in the great outdoors make those bookings right away. Life is for living and at Adventure Escapades you can choose from the A-Z of fun experiences. Check it out.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Kitesurfing is a Blast

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding on a small surfboard pulled across the water by a kite will get the most jaded thrillseeker’s adrenalin pumping. There are many varied styles that have evolved to suit different conditions. You could enjoy this activity at a beach, dam, lake and even on a river. There must be at least a 15 to 35 knot wind and you’ll be away.

Kitesurfers definitely favour beaches where they are most likely to find that consistent wind. This sport is surprisingly old, apparently 13th Century China had kiteboarding enthusiasts. Though I doubt any of them got close to the speed record of 50.57 knots or over 90 kilometers per hour, held by a Frenchman. We wonder if these Chinese adventurers have chased Kirsty Jones’ record of 225km in 9 hours!

Kitesurfing like most adventure activities has even developed it’s very own language. So if you are ready for a boost you could be the next Charlie Browner catching a nuking in the Power zone. Just balance your pop and smooth moves to avoid tea-bagging or even worse a Kitemare!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jousting Adventure

This medieval adventure sport has made a comeback. To date we have not discovered where in South Africa this activity can be pursued. Imagine just abandoning all common logic and hurtling towards another human while on horseback, grasping a long, sharp and menacing lance. You will be breaking a lot of rules doing this!

For most South Africans our experience of jousting would have been limited to watching ‘A Knight’s Tale’ or we may have learned of this sport in history lessons. In America the American Jousting Alliance has been training people and horses for around 30 years. It would be awesome to have a weird and whacky venue for South Africans to try out this adventure sport. It could be a huge event with the dress-up and tournament followed by the fun medieval feast.

Perhaps you have the medieval restaurant set up already, check for some land outback? If you found it you are in luck! Hopefully we have inspired some entrepreneurs out there. When you have this fantastical new facility available kindly contact us to list your adventure escapade.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hiking Trails

To stride out along a new trail sends ripples of excitement through a body. Some would say these ripples extend to the mind and aura! The most important hiking accessory is your boots. Well fitting hiking boots can make walking the roughest path easier. Second would be an adjustable backpack so as your load lightens it can be tightened. Then for overnight a lightweight tent and a sufficiently warm sleeping bag are essential.

With these basic requirements sorted your backpacking adventure can be enjoyed with abandon. From daytrips to week long treks, hiking will challenge your body and sharpen your mind. You can include fishing, photography, kayaking, birding and rock climbing as you tramp along.

Walking out in nature can be so enjoyable and absorbing that you chew up great distances without registering what an effective workout session your muscles are attending.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

Friday, 7 August 2009

Weekend Skydive Escapade

Hey guys it is a super long week-end, a good time to hook up with some high adventure activity like skydiving. This sport earns you serious respect. To parachute is high adventure at its best.

Earlier this year the 41st President of the United States of America celebrated his 85th birthday by parachuting out of an aeroplane! It was a piece of old takkie for this toughened adventurer, he was notching up his 7th skydive. So if George is up to it at 85 why not you? Just by the way his 80th and 75th birthdays also saw him taking the leap!

Just get on and book your jump. If you are somewhat jittery a tandem jump may be just the entry level you will be comfortable with. You could leave it in fates trusty hands and win a jump sponsored by Skydive Durban also known as Skydive KZN. Simply enter the Cowan House Super Classic MTB next weekend in Hilton. Life can be short, so get out there and live it!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Adventure Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be a highly addictive sport. The great variety of styles and terrain where you can employ these skills are endless. You could try man-made rock walls to begin. Such as are available at Wonderwall Indoor Climbing Gym.

Using your hands to hold your weight and improve your balance you will be able to develop a basic technique. Beginner’s training is available. As you get stronger this is a great way to tone and improve fitness.

Repeating these consistent challenges will prepare you for the wide outdoors. This sport will enhance your mental as well as physical ability. It can be dangerous and it is important to learn the practical use of the correct equipment.

Different rock formations and densities have created several climbing disciplines. The higher you climb the more likely you will work with a partner. Ropes and anchors are used to catch falls. The thrill of reaching the summit of your chosen route is hard to beat.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Kayak Paddling Escapade

Paddling your kayak on the sea is considered way more adventurous than paddling on an inland dam. If you haven’t tried this, next time you are in the Western Cape contact Simon’s Town Sea Kayak Tours. With some luck you will also catch penguins out and about their daily business.

Sea kayaks are specifically designed to be seaworthy. These little boats are comfy enough to be used for week long ocean tours and can be big enough for three paddlers or you could fit in camping gear and supplies.

When swells allow you can surf your kayak to improve speed. This skill is very useful on longer trips. The kayak surfs down the intermittent swells.

Simon’s Town Sea Kayak Tours is a great place to begin. You get a basic run down of how to and going in a group eliminates difficulties you may otherwise not know how to handle.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cycling Adventure

Paris saw Alberto Contador win the 2009 Tour de France. With his first victory in 2007 this is a man to watch! At 26 years old, his lead of 4 minutes 11seconds is the widest winning margin in many years. The younger Schleck brother Andy came in second place and after a four year break from this race, Lance Armstrong returned to steal third place.

All three men plan to be back next year, 2010 looks set to be full of excitement. The other mighty competitor to keep an eye on will be Mark Cavendish, winner of six stages, who says no one can challenge him more than he himself. Known as the ‘British Rocket’ this talented athlete oozes promise. He is a young man with big dreams and a knack of turning them to reality.

Other achievers taking the podium this year were Thor Hushovd a formidable sprinter and Italian Franco Pellizotti who scooped the King of the Mountains title. So ends yet another awesome Tour de France adventure. Be inspired and try out some new cycling tours available here at home.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Tour de France

France is a beautiful country and home to the world renowned Tour de France a bicycle race which covers 3,500 kilometres. This distance is raced in stages over 21 days. The coveted yellow jersey is awarded to the cyclist with the lowest aggregate time after each days pedalling. The finish line is in Paris along the Champ-Elysees, a suitably grand venue.

This Tour de France is considered by some to be the most physiologically demanding of all athletic events. The course may alter from year to year, sometimes it even requires a rest day or two to transport competitors from the finish in one town to the start in a different town. The hills are constant, France’s natural geography adds a sparkling challenge to each and every conceivable route.

The physical effort required can be equated to a road-runner completing a marathon several days a week for three weeks in a row. The accumulative climbs would amount to climbing 3 Everests! These guys are fit! It is no wonder that the around twenty teams are selected to enter by invitation from the race organiser only. I have one word for anybody who completes this legendary feat, respect.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It's our Birthday!

It is our birthday! Adventure Escapades is three years old. One more than two and one less than four. We have reached our first prime number.
The number three is considered lucky in Chinese lore as it sounds like the word ‘alive’. Luck is often said to come in threes. Three as a numeral has relevance in many philosophies and it is the number of corners in a triangle. I am almost all ‘three-ed’ out now.

What we really want to share is that we are THREE and very excited about our success so far. Watch this space as we enter yet another exciting year.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The coolest glider has an adventure!

Hang gliding is an air adventure sport in which a pilot flies a light aircraft called a hang glider. Modern hang gliders made mostly of an aluminum structure with a fabric wing allow pilots to control direction by shifting their body weight. The pilot hangs from the glider by a harness as he flies like a giant bird, swooping across the great open sky.

Early pilots stuck to small flights down hills, you’ll enjoy the freedom modern technology has brought to this escapade. Soar for hours at amazing heights as you catch thermal updrafts. You can fly extensive distances with a hang-glider. The record distance for a flight is around 700km.

The traditional foot launch style of take off has been improved with the assistance of a small aircraft or a boat. Extreme thrill-seekers have even successfully been dropped at high altitudes by a hot air balloon!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sand Boarding Adventure

Adrenalin supply peaks as you fly down a sand dune at high-speed on a thin board. Then slog back up for the next slide down because it is so absolutely worth it. If you are really lucky you will have a 4x4 or quad bike to transport you back uphill in luxury, but the reward definitely outweighs the exertion if you are amongst the unlucky ones.

South Africa has divine beaches which boast many sizeable sand dunes making this a top class destination for sand boarding junkies. Though similar to snow boarding the massive plus is that this sport is available all year around. At first you may feel awkward and totally uncoordinated, but pretty soon you will be carving a sleek path with the grace of a bird in flight. Then you will be about ready to hit some jumps.

This outdoor adventure is great for warming you up in the middle of winter. Warm sand dunes, blue skies and winter sunshine! You can be Lord of the Dunes in no time at all. Hook up with a sand boarding facility for pure exhilaration.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Beach Horse Ride

The adventure of a horse back outride along a beach is as romantic as it is exhilarating. This escapade can be enjoyed singly, as a couple or even in a group of friends. The facilitators provide mounts suited to varying levels of horseback competence. These horses are extremely well schooled and you can split the group into different riding abilities so that each smaller group can enjoy the speed that suits it best.

A horseback escapade along the coastlines of South Africa can present pleasures you may not have anticipated. Riding out for a day, your breath will be taken away by the panoramic scenery which changes along the route. You could encounter varied terrain as you pass indigenous forest, lagoons, mangroves, low tides and high tides, sweeping vistas, jagged cliffs, stony beaches or soft white sand. There is so much to see and a beautiful spot may have you throwing out a blanket to pause over a picnic lunch.

Taking a canter across the foamy white edge of waves while surrounded by the brilliant natural beauty is just the treat for jaded adventurers. Horse riding on the beach can restore your sense of harmony with the world. This is definitely the choice activity to shake the winter blues away.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Quad Bike adventure

It is time for a quad biking adventure. This very popular leisure activity has taken root firm in South Africa. Often combined with tours as a means of traveling through areas of interest. These all terrain-vehicles can handle a broad range of landscapes.

South African law is quite staunch on aligning with eco-awareness, so it is best to seek advice before heading out for an adventure on your own. Ramping up the wrong sand bank could land you in a puddle of hot water.

Quad biking has also attracted a notorious reputation for severe injuries when there is an accident. Always, always use responsibly and never ever without a crash helmet. With four wheels as opposed to two you are getting a lot more stability than on a motorcycle, but these vehicles can still flip and land on top of you.

So as with many of the fun things to be enjoyed in life, do it with the correct respect to safety requirements.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Adam's Calendar

Michael Tellinger leads us to believe that this stone formation apparently built by humankind 75,000 years ago may reveal South Africa to be the true cradle of humankind. While in Mpumalanga you may just want to visit this site of giant monoliths.

They align perfectly to the position of Orion's belt 75,000 years ago. Just like the pyramids of South America, Egypt and even China. Could the architects of all have originated from the same place?

One tour option you may enjoy will take you on good two and a half hour bush trek to view these awesome stones. Built as a calender, the taller of the main rocks casts a shadow on the shorter, marking the passage of a year.

If you are up for a Stonehenge adventure right here in South Africa, this is just for you. The bonus feature being that for now you are permitted to get up and personal with the stones. You can even hug them to tune into their ancient and magical vibration.

Friday, 10 July 2009


Is it a giant golf ball? A floating overgrown dandelion? Or perhaps a tiny moon, fallen from the sky? No. It is a craze that originated in Rotarua, New Zealand. It has taken the United Kingdom, USA and most of Europe by storm.

This recreational activity is usually enjoyed on a gentle slope or even a series of less gentle slopes. You can also zorb on sand or water. Some facilitators even have metal ramps in place for the more daring enthusiasts. Most spheres accommodate a single rider, but we have heard others are being designed to contain two adults.

We have yet to track down an activity provider for zorbing in South Africa. If you have heard of someone in the Western Cape who is doing it, please send details this way. Entrepreneurs out there take note, you could play up the ball shape and cash in on all the tourists headed this way for the soccer world cup. You have less than a year so get cracking, please.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


It’s the middle of the week you may be sitting at your desk wondering if the week-end will ever arrive. It will and if you’ve had a stressful time book a paintball session to release all your tensions from the week.

Paintball frees the spirited rascal in anyone. You can stalk and hunt in this survivor style game. The thrill of the hunt runs deep in our veins. Gear up with headgear, helmet and a thick suit, with your hands on a paintball gun and let rip. The rules are simple and there are at least 5 or 6 common versions of play to accommodate all tastes.

A thorough session of paintball will get your adrenalin gushing, smooth the creases on your brow and eliminate the knots in your neck and shoulders. This is an adventure to be pursued on Friday afternoons, so as to ensure you will be able to truly hang loose for the balance of your delicious weekend. Though I’m willing to bet you’ll most likely want to head back for more by the time Sunday rolls around.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Jumping for Joy

We cannot agree on a name, but around the world this sport has been embraced by every name ever given. Bungi jumping also known as Bungee and Bunjee or even Bunjy jumping is really here to stay as a classic amongst extreme sport options.

We all know it is good to push our boundaries and try something new every so often. So if Winter is getting you down and you need a boost to remind you how much fun there is to be had, I suggest falling, just dropping at pace and then dangling while you try to recall why your heart is racing like the energizer bunny on red bull!

You just have to be willing to toss your body into the never-never and just when you wish you had not, the elastic bungee cord will pull tight and whoa, wasn’t that awesome? So whether as a dare or a simple personal challenge grab onto this one with both feet!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Holiday Adventure

Take some time out in Northern KwaZulu-Natal this holiday. You can wind down and simply revel in long walks and the wide open spaces. Before long I am sure you will want to turn up the heat and give in to the tempting adventure activities available at African Wanderer.

If you like your feet on dry land the game drives through Hluhluwe-Imfolozi are always rewarding and hikes are also an option. Try a kayaking safari where you could spot healthy hippo and gnarled crocodile. The birdlife in this are is diverse and you’ll surely spot a prize fish-eagle.

Heading towards the ocean, the beaches nearby are awesome and mostly unspoiled. Boasting some really sizeable dunes. Make a splash with your snorkel on or dip your paddles from a kayak. This natural holiday spot is packed with adventures for you.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Adventure above the tree-tops

Get your adrenalin pumping on a zip line over tree-tops. Feel like an eagle soaring above the forests. Although it is more exciting for you as your brain frantically calculates the gravity, mass, speed ratio which of course greatly exceeds that of an eagle. Humankind has eternally been fascinated with flight. This is a really fun way to play at being a bird.

After skimming along between six to ten platforms roughly 30m above the land, your appetite for adventure should be satisfied for a while.

The vistas you will behold are magnificent. Canopy tours were originally designed by biologists to enable them get a better look at ecological systems in forests. This a view of our natural world from a dramatically different vantage point. This adventure is well loved around the world. The reasons are obvious.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Snow is Falling

Seasonal and therefore well worth the drive. Our fun times in the snow can be brief but are eagerly awaited and the memories are always safely treasured. In South Africa, when it snows, everybody wants to be there. We become highly creative toboggan engineers. Anything from plastic sheeting to masonite is stuffed in the boot to be used on arrival for sliding down snowy banks.

Snowball fights are great family fun, pretty good when you need to exact revenge on a sibling. A well aimed snowball which is swiftly delivered can serve up quite a sting. The pain of course, is short-lived at those very low temperatures that accompany snowfalls.

Somewhere bogged down in abundant snow right now is Shumba Valley Adventure Farm. If it is snow you want, they have loads. You can adventure around on quad bikes, enjoy the fire inside or go along with them on a skiing escapade nearby. This is the season to be merry in the snow

Monday, 22 June 2009

Surf Adventure

The 2008 Mr Price Pro Ballito happens for the first time at it’s new venue. Ballito promises all the same excitement previously on offer, from the 27th June to 5th July 2009 you are going to want to be there!

A total of 19 countries will be competing at the 6 Star ASP World Qualifying Series event, with all eyes on the legendary surfing powerhouses South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

Foreigners number 130 international men and women against our contingent of 68 locals yet South Africa has the highest number of recorded entries per country, with 49 men and 19 women officially entered. Former ASP World Tour campaigner and present WQS Number 8 Travis Logie (Durban) is the top rated South African in the men’s event.

With almost 200 surfers from across the globe surfing their hearts out for a most prestigious title, the heat is on this winter.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Sardines Shoals On The Run

When the sardines run and the excitement is high please remember safety first. Keep in mind that you should only swim at beaches that have shark nets, between beacons, never at dawn or dusk, not in brown water, alone or with an open sore which could be a ‘shark magnet’. We really do want you to survive and enjoy your next adventure.

The Natal Sharks Board carefully monitors the sardine run so that they can remove shark nets ahead of the shoals and allow them to pass freely. Be sure you stay in touch. Look for those beacons and check with lifeguards before you make a splash. The sardine run updates are available on 082 284 9495, save this now and use it.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sardine Run Adventure

This annual event is an adventure for more than the silvery shoals of sardines moving up the coast. Observe the effect on various predators that pursue this shoal safely from the shore or by diving, boating or flying overhead.

Sardine shoals can extend up to 30km in length. These sardines are herded by an estimated 20,000 dolphins as well as sharks that are eager to consume more than their fair share of the tasty bait on offer. There are always plenty of viewing facilitators about.

Divers may be lucky and spot Ragged Tooth sharks, who will be gathered for their mating season. Also to be viewed are massive brindle bass, moray eels, rays, turtles, Humpback and Southern Right whales amongst others sharing in this adventure escapade.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Scuba Diving

Breathe underwater and you can see how our aquatic friends live. Scuba diving is fun for everybody. See a world you have never seen before when you go scuba diving, trained scuba dive experts will teach you and test your ability before you get out into the big blue. Safety is vital, adhere to all controls and then you can relax and have a blast underwater.

Even in winter, scuba diving is great. Slide into a wet suit and the lower temperatures will be no bother. If you have never tried this adventure sport you are missing out. Beach holidays are still fun in winter. Make your holiday extra special by learning to scuba dive. Just go for it!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Elephant Adventure in Africa

Safari magic! What a fun adventure. This has got to be an awesome experience. What could be more amazing for safari enthusiasts, than the opportunity to see these beautiful massive elephants up close and personal?

Forever this herd have trampled the same path each marula season, to enjoy chomping on their favourite berries. When this new building was erected smack on their path they were not in the least deterred from pursuing their pleasures. We clearly have living proof that elephants never forget, not even when perhaps they should.

To date this seasonal, daily event has not resulted in any harm whatsoever to either elephants or humans.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ballooning in Africa

I want to be a passenger on a hot air balloon over the Serengeti, Tanzania. This must be the ultimate safari. Imagine giving up all control and allowing an enormous balloon to carry you away on an exhilarating adventure. That must diminish all worldly cares as you surrender to pure pleasure and abandoned awe.

Ballooning way up in the big African sky will ignite emotions unlike any other adventure. While below you life plays out according to it’s ancient and natural rhythm. The beautiful landscape may change form and color under the artistic hand of the mobile herds.

Buck at a waterhole may scatter momentarily at their first glimpse of you in a strange unidentified flying object. Settling soon, as they trust again, that you pose no imminent danger.

This dream adventure is well worth holding onto with two tightly clenched hands. Revisit it often so that it can be molded into an absolute reality.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Birding is so much fun

You have to love that we have such a broad diversity of winged creatures to watch. Add to this a good variety of climate zones, vegetation and loads of precious reserves to find these pleasing creatures in. What a fabulous mix. Well worth preserving as best we can.

Birding is a fulfilling pastime that can be successfully combined with other adventure activities in our gorgeous outdoors. It is essential to source a Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa guide. Keep it in a handy carrier to accompany you on cycle rides, hikes, rambles and even fishing, especially for those rare occasions when the little fellows refuse to bite!

You will also need decent binoculars, a 7 x 30, 8 x 35 or 10 x 40 is suitable. It is also useful to acquire a CD of bird-song and calls, learning these will greatly assist you in identification.

So grab a pencil to record your sightings. Set off on a camping trip, ramble, paddle or drive. You will be well prepared to meet the challenges that face a serious birdwatcher.

Friday, 5 June 2009

What you can do in Cape Town

Headed for the Mother City this winter holiday? Your appetite for an adventure escapade can be satisfied by a number of outdoor activities. Air, land or water. Whatever you prefer, you will find what you are looking for. If water is your choice pack a wetsuit. That Atlantic Ocean is an adventure all on it’s own.

You can choose between the awesome mountain, rivers, sand, the ocean and a great big chunk of African sky. Just begging to become your playground! This is a great spot for unlimited fun. Fabulous for creating that most amazing adventure memory.

All work and no play? Get your company out of the office. Suggest an all weather All Terrain 4x4, Willy’s Jeep Experience. All the movers and shakers are reinventing, reviewing and restyling their business. Do not be left at the bottom of the pile. This shared adventure will shake out the old cobwebs! So go brainstorming in a 4x4!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Where to go on train trips

Train trips have often been experienced as stories shared by parents or grandparents as though they are handing out nuggets of gold. Such is the rich treasured memory they leave you with. As you listen you can almost smell the old leather seat covers, hear the chug-a-chug and even feel the gentle jiggling on.

My mother took a train to and from school each day while growing up on the Southern Natal Coast. The train trip was just long enough for her to catch up with unfinished homework! That must have been such fun!

The good old banana express provided great excitement for my cousins and I during our childhood. See how our parents loved returning to their memories of the train rides to school.

Beautiful sooty old steam engines still get buffed up all shiny and bright around the country. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday your can hook up for a jaunt into or a loop around the countryside. This is a worthwhile escapade. Keep the magic alive. Train trips may be the adventure your family has been waiting to share.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Have fun flyfishing

Back at the movies with A River Runs Through It. Give me a break please since it is winter and when you’ve had your share of adventure you may also delight in some steamy chocolate and couch time to ease those weary muscles! Back to the point, flyfishing was made popular by Brad Pitt and has since been perfected by anglers countrywide.

This high-end of the market style of fishing has been around forever. It’s all about tying your flies just right, rhythmically unfurling the line and a willingness to wade in and snare that trout come rain or shine, or pike or bass or carp, as it may be since there is a growing fraternity of fly fishermen challenging one another to catch the widest range of species possible.

Be green when flyfishing. Not just with envy at the huge size of your fishing buddies catch but by practicing the correct catch and release method. This helps preserve the quality of a fishery. Trout is a most delicate fish and wet hands are most gentle. The larger the trout the more care you need to take. Holding it on its back can momentarily calm it. When you have the hook out, support the fish in the water with gills submerged until it has stabilized. Just until it shows it is steady enough to swim off alone. This prevents the exhausted trout from suffocating on a muddy riverbed. Share this knowledge with your girlfriend for a free brownie point!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Golf is a cool adventure activity

That classic surfer movie, Point Break with Patrick Swayze, probably on TCM nowadays was where Adrenalin Junkies became popularized. Golf as opposed to surfing misses the mark when we’re looking for a thrill…so some may say. Golfers disagree!

You’ve just got to test this with a wiggle of your hips, swing through that perfect shot. It is pure adrenaline so I have been told. A perfect shot remains a dream to me. Naturally all aspiring golfers and hackers alike want to feel the awesome kick of a hole-in-one.

Can you crack the mythical Nessie come Loch-ness like mystery of this golfing fact; GRAVITY IS STRONGER OVER THE WATER?

The rush of this fabulous game lingers on after the final hole has been played with swaggering recounts of proud feats and controversy. My advice is, it can be a blast but you’ve got to know your rules! Visit SANI PASS HOTEL & LEISURE RESORT for golfing enjoyment on a well-laid, manicured course surrounded by panoramic beauty. Just the spot to achieve that elusive hole-in-one. When you have been lets us know if you got it right.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Paragliding is amazing

Rated as a five on the Fear Factor Meter. This is one of those thrilling experiences most people can comfortably commit to. Paragliding gives you wings contrary to all those Red Bull adverts, the truth is now out!

This sport requires training if you are going it alone. Luckily at PARA-PAX TANDEM PARAGLIDING you can risk a little before going all out on a solo flight. They’re doing two-up flights in a customized double-harness paraglider. With 9 years of incident-free flights and a weight max of 135kg you can invite everyone you know to come along for this adventure.

Choose from 6 spectacular sites, or just do them all, you will want to. Situates at places you love to visit with two feet on the ground. The pleasure is hugely magnified with the new aspect of being able to soar above the earth.

Select add-ons of in flight photography, videos, snacks & refreshments or not. You can enjoy this for ten minutes or eight hours. Do it any way you choose. You’ll enjoy an easy take-off and a soft landing with memorable vistas in between…this could be addictive. See you soon at paraglider’s anonymous!