Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 Hong Kong Fireworks

Greetings all, and Happy New Year! It’s the 1st of January and 2009 is officially underway. Being the creature of habit I am, for me today began no differently to any other day with the exception of a pounding headache from having had too many Castle Laagers. In saying that, you might need to excuse me if today’s post is short an uninspiring.

Anyway I got up bright and early, made a cup of strong coffee, and watched an hour of the e-News channel through aching blurry eyes. For those who don’t know, e-News can probably best be described as the South African equivalent of Sky News. Its news on the hour, every hour, and with it not having ties to the state broadcaster, it is a favorite among locals as they do not demonstrate political bias.

As all news channels do every January 1, they showed seemingly endless footage of celebrations from around the globe. There were plenty of fireworks displays, from every quarter, including Cape Towns V&A Waterfront which admittedly paled in comparison to the rest of world.

Although the explosions were not helping the hangover at all, I was absolutely blown away by the Hong Kong footage. I’m not sure if the above YouTube video can do it any justice, it was nonetheless mind-blowingly spectacular and I do envy those who were fortunate enough to be there.

Using ten buildings in the city to launch from, fireworks were blasted from various levels to culminate in what was an incredibly well choreographed display. When it comes to fireworks, the Chinese are clearly the masters.

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