Monday, 26 January 2009

500 Days To Go

Ever since the announcement that South Africa would be hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, not surprisingly, every man and his dog has had something to say about it.

The usual profits of doom appeared who started off by saying that we’re incapable of having the stadiums ready on time, it then became public transport, sub standard airports, and so on and so on. It also gave those painful soap box types something to moralize, that being the belief that World Cup 2010 is an extravagance the continent can ill afford and that the money would be far better spent alleviating some of Africa’s many deficiencies.

All that aside, being awarded the privilege of staging the greatest show on earth is a huge honor and one that any country would be proud of. The eyes of the world are upon us, and with just 500 days to go till kick off, we prepare ourselves for what is going to be the biggest party this country has ever seen, the magnitude of which I don’t think we South Africans quite comprehend yet.

Soccer is played in every corner of the world and all 32 finalists are in with a very good chance of making it through to the knock out stages. It is a sport that evokes unrivaled passion and make no mistake, when the masters of the game like Torres, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kak√° and Gerrard all arrive in town, they will have come for soccer’s Holy Grail, I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Rugby World cup 1995 was something few South Africans will ever forget, not only because it produced one of our proudest sporting moments ever, but the atmosphere and the festive mood surrounding the event was something we had never experienced before, well fellow countryman, BRACE YOURSELVES, you aint seen nothing yet.

Picture sequence, Durban 2010 World Cup stadium at various stages of development, courtesy of Skyimaging.

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