Friday, 16 January 2009

Aerial Photography 2010 Stadium

Wegular weaders of this wog, that’s Bugs Bunny talk for regular readers of this blog, :) have probably already seen some of Jason Barker’s awesome pictures of the Durban 2010 World Cup Soccer Stadium.

Jason, incase you don’t already know, has a business called skyimaging and is an accomplished aerial photographer who has mastered the art of using remote control aircraft as apposed to real aircraft, thus making it a far more affordable process.

He has been capturing the stadiums development as it’s come along and has been supplying us with remarkable images, keeping us updated as to its progress. The two that went up today (above), are the latest installments and show how the stadium arch has since been completed.

It also serves as a Rocky Balboa style punch in the nose to all those cynics who thought we wouldn’t have it ready on time. World Cup 2010, BRING IT ON MAN, BRING IT ON. You may have guessed from today’s tone, I’m seriously excited about this World Cup, I’m counting the days, see counter down the right.

Once again, a Big Thank You to Jason and his team and if you want to view the earlier pics, CLICK HERE

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