Monday, 12 January 2009

Beat The Heat

Inspired by a bunch nutters (see post 11 January) who braved an Icy cold mud pool in Essex for charity, I have applied my mind and have come up with my own proposal which will too raise money for charity, all it needs is a bit of buy in from you. This is how I envisage it happening and if I do say so myself, it’s inspirational, I’m sure others will follow.

Whereas our British counterparts braved the cold in the name of fun and supporting a good cause, my idea involves braving the Durban heat and is essentially an endurance strategy that will work on a pledge per hour system. For example if you pledge R10, 00 and I last 10 hours, your donation to this very good cause, will equate to a R100,00 total.

I was thinking along the lines of perhaps getting somebody like Allure Charters involved, who will hopefully contribute the deck of their boat. We will then need a hammock and four lady volunteers who look good in bikinis, that A), is willing and capable of waving a palm branch over said endurance athlete, and B), who know how to mix a margarita and rub suntan lotion on.

Keeping in mind that it is all for a good cause, it somehow feels like the right thing to do. :) Photo by cam i am, courtesy of

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