Monday, 5 January 2009

Beetle Cars Cape Town

Another brilliant traveler’s tip to keep in mind for those heading to South Africa in search of adventure, is Best Beetle Car Hire. Best Beetle Car Hire operate out of Cape Town and cater specifically to the backpacker adventure seeker type and as the name suggests, they rent out Beetle cars. Just to be clear, it’s the older models they provide, the classic, the ones that resemble Herbie, and they do so at exceptionally affordable prices.

Upon having met with the owners, I came to the realization that it is a unique and extraordinary operation they run. They have over 300 Beetles in use and throughout the holiday season, every single one of them is on the road. They have full time mechanical staff who maintain the vehicles and also have a 24 hour call out support crew, just incase roadside assistance is needed.

Interestingly, the business started out with Gunter and his brother restoring Beetles as a hobby, purely out of enthusiasm and love for them, one thing led to another and today they have a thriving business. A remarkable aspect to it is, they have got to be one of the only car hire companies anywhere, that don’t penalize clients for dings and dents, and that also have repeat business where clients specifically request the exact vehicle they had previously.

Cost wise they are dirt cheap by South African standards, which I am led to believe makes them very unpopular among the more mainstream car hire organizations in the Cape, nonetheless the demand is there and it is supported by excellent levels of service.It is essentially a cheap reliable and fun means of getting from one adventure experience to the next; and dont forget, it’s advisable to book your Beetle in advance.

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