Sunday, 4 January 2009

Braving Freezing Water For Fun

Having a bit of outdoor fun with mates and colleagues is a well prescribed means of getting the new year off to a positive start, our Italians friends with their famed zest for life, have long since mastered this.

Jumping off the Cavour bridge into the freezing waters of Rome’s river Tiber, is just one of their many traditional new years celebrations. In this year’s event, participants braved pouring rain as well as icy waters to ensure that the festivities went ahead as planned. It is a much celebrated occasion and although the heavens had opened, spectators were seemingly unperturbed and turned out in their masses.

The event dates back to 1946, when a stuntman named Mr. OK was the first to take the 50 foot + plunge. His reasoning was to gain exposure as he was at the time, struggling to get work in the film Industry. Amazingly, others followed and needless to say, it’s now an annual event that takes place every January 1, getting the year off to a fun and adventures start.

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