Friday, 2 January 2009

For The Traveler

If you look at the Cluster map just to the right of this Blog you will see that we have readers from all over the world. We welcome our friends from far away lands and assume that you are either fellow adventure enthusiasts, or that you will be visiting our sunny shores soon and are planning to partake in some adventure activity once you have arrived.

There is a well known South African furniture removal company called Kings International who have an excellent product called Excess Luggage. While the name is self explanatory, this service is tailor made for travelers who like to collect souvenirs and in doing so, place themselves in danger of getting nailed at the airport for being overweight which can prove very costly.

There are so many people in S A who sell wooden carvings and curios on the side of the road at very reasonable prices, they are sometimes heavy though and the reality is that you will probably end paying more at the airport than you will for the item itself. Excess Luggage will freight it to your home airport at a fraction of the cost.

You can either collect it yourself once you arrive back, or you can assign a friend or family member to collect it on your behalf. It is an excellent service that will save you loads of money, leaving you that little bit extra to do that tandem skydive.

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