Tuesday, 20 January 2009

From Quad Biking to Microlighting

Today I have a strange ambition,
To break the norm of Blog tradition.
Today I write a post in Rhyme;
I’m hoping it will save me time.

The benefits are plain to see,
same space less words less work for me.
So here begins a brave new venture,
A rhyming blog about adventure.

From planes trains to mountain biking,
fishing, quads and trail hiking.
The flying thrill they call free fall,
bungy, skydive, we've got it all.

Adventure Activity is what we do
so join us now for a ride in a canoe.
Live your life the adventurous way,
visit AdventureEscapades, dot co dot za.


So much for my rhyming mission.
Clearly I am no magician.
I have learnt it does take time,
To come up with a freaking rhyme.

Above Pic: My friend George at Oribi Gorge.

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