Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Getting The Shot

In doing a daily Blog focused on adventure activity, one of the challenges is coming up with either a pic or a YouTube video to support it. I’m not always crazy about using YouTube videos as bandwidth in South Africa isn’t the best and in many instances, they either don’t load or they stammer and stall throughout the viewing process. Admittedly when I do use them, it’s with our overseas readers in mind where bandwidth is far more superior and far cheaper.

Nonetheless, between YouTube for videos, and for photo’s, I always find what I seek to add colour and flavour to whatever it is I’m writing about. It never seizes to amaze me how much there is to choose from. For yesterdays Blog I needed a pic on “Abseiling In Lesotho” and after doing a search, I was spoilt for choice with respect to options.

First prize of course is to make use of photo’s we have either taken ourselves, or to choose from our ever growing library of action shots supplied to us by our activity operators. The above pic, even though a bit blurry, is one of my favourites; the reason being it always brings back excellent memories of a great day out with mates.

Myself and a group of friends, went down Durban’s South Coast to Oribi some years ago to conquer the Oribi Gorge Wild Five. The jumper is my good friend George Herbst who desperately wanted a decent memento pic, in order to get it, I needed to be attached to a harness leaning well forward over the edge, knowing that I would only have one shot at it.

This all took place at a time when digital cameras had far less features than they do now and the one we used, was an over the counter al-cheapo model. I clearly recall there was a second or so delay, between the button being pressed and the camera actually reacting, so timing had to be perfect. I remember there being a jump countdown from 5 backwards, and when the jumpmaster blurted “ONE”, I pressed the button and hoped like hell something would come of it. ……I got lucky.

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