Wednesday, 21 January 2009

KZN South Coast Adventure

In yesterdays somewhat obscure post, in support of the photo I had chosen to go with it, I made mention of my friend George, at Oribi Gorge. To put it into perspective, the activity provider I was referring to is called Wild 5 and presents us with one of South Africa’s most awesome adventure activity offerings.

Oribi Gorge is located just inland of Port Shepstone on Kwazulu Natal’s south coast and is an incredibly scenic unspoilt region, making it an excellent sector for adventure activity. Wild 5, as the name suggests, offers 5 different activities with their flagship being the adrenalin pumping Wild 5 Gorge swing.

Other activities include river rafting, hiking and mountain biking as well as abseiling, which takes place down the cliff face just to the left of gorge swing. Admittedly, the first time I went down there was with a bunch of mates who were all pumped for the gorge jump, at no point beforehand, did I consider just how awe-inspiring the venue and its surroundings would be. The views we encountered are breathtaking and Oribi Gorge in my opinion, is KZN’S secret treasure.

There is a delightful hotel at the venue for those wishing to stay over or perhaps are in need of a romantic getaway. We on the other hand drove down from Durban in the morning, it took us just over an hour, and we drove back late afternoon. It is a bit of a drive, it does nonetheless make for a fun day out and a great adventure experience.

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