Saturday, 24 January 2009

Reptile Adventure Experience

I think I must have had a deprived childhood of sorts for the reason that as a kid growing up in Sea Point Cape Town, I don’t think my parents ever took me to a zoo, a reptile park or let alone a game reserve. The closest I ever came to animal life, was a border collie named Sox and the abundance of chameleons that existed on a lemon tree that grew outside my window.

As things happen, in 2008 I got to meet a lot of the reptile park owners and in doing so came to the poignant realization that I had missed out on something special. Today I live on Kwazulu Natal’s dolphin coast and visiting the reptile parks in my area, is something that I derive tremendous pleasure from. Maybe those chameleons did have an influence after all.

Some of our subscribers, do not think a visit to a reptile park should rightfully be referred to as an adventure experience. I disagree, for many who have never got up close and personal with snake before, wearing a large species around the neck like a scarf, albeit a harmless breed, does definitely get the adrenalin pumping.

On a personal note, I do particularly enjoy being around those very big chameleon type things Peter Watson calls crocs. Peter owns Croc Creek and I was privileged enough to have been given a private tour of the facility. Take it from somebody who has participated in most adventure activity, casually walking through the crocodile enclosures with plenty of live croc in them, definitely constitutes an adventure experience, and one that won’t be forgotten for a long long time to come. :)

Above pic sequence, taken at Ndlondlo Reptile Park.

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