Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Quad Biking, Dolphin Coast

I got a phone call yesterday form somebody who asked me to recommend a really good quad biking venue in the greater Durban area. He explained to me that he and some mates were shooting down from Johannesburg over the coming weekend and were hoping to get some quad biking in, along with some other weekend festivities that will no doubt lead to a collective hangover.

When he mentioned that they would be staying in Ballito, without hesitation I recommended River Quad Trails situated just 15km inland from where they were headed. He clearly wasn’t the bluntest tool in the shed as he asked about my personal experience with them and wanted to know how I had found their trails. When I informed him that I hadn’t yet participated, he rightfully enquired as to what I base my glowing recommendation on then.

I explained how I know the owner Johan and that he for starters, is a salt of the earth type character, or as some South African like to say “a lank good oak.” Although I haven’t personally been out on the quads with them, I have spent plenty of time at the picturesque Esenembi Valley, where they operate both the quads and their Skytrails operation from, and there’s no mistaking it’s an excellent venue.

Then there is that minor little matter of being rated by Suzuki as one of South Africa’s top 10 quad biking venues. In fact, if it’s truly adventure experience you are after, you can’t go too wrong giving Johan a call. The venue offers excellent views, quad biking, Skytrails (Ziplines), paintball as well as self catering accommodation, and they are now also in the process of building a dive pool. Watch this space.

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