Thursday, 22 January 2009

Quad Biking in Elgin

I recently had a conversation with Richard, owner and operator of an Elgin Valley based business called Kamazoo Quad. When I mentioned to him that his Google Ads do from time to time make an appearance on our blog page, he responded with both laughter and approval. He jovially conceded that he had never seen one himself and was delighted to hear that others had.

With this in mind the aim of today’s blog is two fold, firstly to introduce Kamazoo to you faithful reader, and secondly out shear curiosity, to see if Google Ads can be induced. Admittedly I don’t have a cooking clue as to how and why Google choose which ads go where; I am however guessing that if I write about Kamazoo quads, the ad is likely to follow below.

About the activity itself, I haven’t had the good fortune as of yet, it is however high up on the list of things to do when next in the fairest Cape. What I can tell you is a good friend who has had the pleasure, had some very exciting things to say about it, rating it as among the best quad outings they have ever been on.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Elgin Valley region, it is nestled among the Capes Hottentots Holland mountain range and is incredibly picturesque. With its seemingly endless mountain peaks, fruit trees, cool-climate wines and breathtaking views, I can’t imagine that quad biking in those parts can be anything other than spectacular.

Back to my experiment, if the Google ad for Kamazoo Quad does appear below, experiment successful. If not, well, to find out more you will just have to click HERE instead. And of course don’t forget, whatever the adventure Experience you seek, you are guaranteed to find it on South Africa’s biggest and best adventure activity web portal.

Photo: Dawn at Nuweberg Dam near Elgin. Uploaded by Steve Crane on

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