Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Quad Biking, Off-Road Adventures

Sticking with yesterday’s theme of quad biking, if ever there is a page on that does have entirely awesome photographs on it that calls me to the activity, it is, you guessed it, another quad biking outfit. I refer to Chris and the team at Off-Road Adventures, who run their operation out of Underberg in the Southern Drakensberg Region.

Maybe because snow is something you seldom see in Sunny South Africa, or perhaps it’s the stark natural beauty and wide open spaces of the unspoilt mountainous expanse, whatever the reason, it’s an awesome offering that ranks among our best.

Some observant person recently pointed out that I tend to place huge emphasis on surroundings and scenery when reviewing an activity. The truth is I do indeed, and don’t deny that for me it is an imperative factor. So much of South Africa’s adventure activity takes place in areas of extreme natural beauty, and being part of the great outdoors is a welcoming facet that wholly enhances the adventure experience.

Getting back to the activity itself, if you haven’t already gathered, their specialty is Quad Tours and Adventure Quad Trails. In explaining why they sometimes get to see snow and the rest of us don’t, their tours begin at 2874m above sea level, from the highest pub in Africa. Quads are all 250cc and 300cc fully auto and private quads are welcome on their 2 - 4 day tours. Maximum weight allowed on quads is 130kg, which means that my partner Gary and I, just about qualify for this one, just kidding Gary …… :)

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