Saturday, 10 January 2009

Robben Island by Jet

In Yesterdays blog, I wrote about a recent trip to Robben Island where I made mention of clear blue days and spectacular views, I also mentioned the ferry ride over and then proceeded to support it with a picture of an old Bus. The above image gives us a clear aerial perspective with Robben Island below, Table Mountain towards the top, and the 7 km of Atlantic Ocean that separates the two.

The jet fighter is one of Thunder City's three English Electric Lightning’s, which if you are prepared to spend a bit, will grant you with what has to be, the ultimate adventure experience, the stuff boyhood dreams are made of.

Besides rocketing around the Cape Coast at very high speeds, one the facets is you get to go vertical, shooting straight up to an altitude of 50 000ft and breaking the sound barrier on the way. At the apex of the climb, the Earth’s curvature can be seen in all its magnificence, a view that very few people ever get to see for themselves.

If seen Robben Island from the backseat of a Jet Fighter, is something you can afford and aspire to, besides the obvious question which is can I be your friend? I have to commend you on your excellent choice of adventure activity, and must forewarn you not to blink, if you do, you might just miss it. :)

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