Sunday, 25 January 2009

Scorpion Queen

One man’s adventure experience is another man’s madness, at least that’s what those who comment from the peanut gallery will have us think. Using bungy jumping as a choice of example, for every person who bungy jumps off the Bloukrans bridge, its a strong likelihood that there will be somebody around to tell them just how nuts they are.

The jumper one assumes does fully comprehend the immense breaking strength of the equipment, the high standard of safety operators subscribe to, takes into account that never before has a grim incident occurred there, and knows that the chances are a million times more of something going wrong simply driving a car.

Chasing the next adventure experience is something that has had an adverse effect on my personal life over the years, especially in my twenties before settling down. I have had more than the odd girlfriend who couldn’t face living with my adventure activity endeavors and yes faithful reader, I too have been called mad for taking calculated risks where the odds more than favored a safe outcome.

It is with this in mind that I feel like a complete hypocrite, for bringing to your attention somebody who I think is a 42 carrot nutter, for also simply doing what it is she does. On page 2 of this morning’s Sunday Times they had a photograph of Thailand’s Kanchana Kaetkaew aka “Scorpion Queen” with two giant size scorpions attached to her face. For the boys who I know are thinking it, yes she is a good looking lady, providing you can look past that scorpion thing she’s got going.

As the storey goes, she at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Pattaya Thailand, has just set a new record of 33 days in a glass enclosure with 5000 live adult scorpions. I realize that those who live glass enclosures shouldn’t throw stones or even worse, use that dreaded word “but” in a sentence, but, this one really is an activity I am battling to get my head around. One thing I am reasonably sure of though, is this record will stand for a long time to come; I can’t imagine too many takers lining up for it.


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