Saturday, 3 January 2009

Snakes, No Fear

In 2008, I got to visit many of the reptile parks and feel privileged to have dealt with a number of incredible individuals who are very serious about nature conservation. In doing so I surprised myself by having developed a fascination for certain species, crocodiles particularly, as well as the various lizards. The snakes on the other hand, I still struggle with for the simple reason they scare the living crap out of me.

Let it be said right up front, as long as they are in an enclosure behind a plate glass window I have no problem with them. The various parks are perfectly safe and well worth visiting, I highly recommend it, especially if you have children. What I am referring to specifically, I have on several occasions been invited to physically handle them, and needless to say I have always declined.

The above pics were all taken sometime ago at Ndlondlo Reptile Park and as I’m sure you can tell, the ladies look perfectly comfortable with it. Well never to be outdone, especially by a bunch of girls, I recently seized on the opportunity to set the record straight.

People like myself, who live on Kwazulu Natal’s North Coast are fully aware that the day may well come, when we have to deal with a Green Mamba. The morning after the New Years Eve festivities, I came face to face with one, a Big Bright Green one, that had somehow found its way onto my balcony. As you will see from the photo evidence below, I taught that snake a lesson or two. :)

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