Monday, 19 January 2009

Something Fishy

When I’m not writing about activity operators who have already supplied me with photos, or I don’t have any of my own on hand to support whatever the topic of the day is, I usually go onto the web and search for either the right YouTube video, or a photograph from one of those sites that allow free downloads. My first port of call is always and usually don’t then have to look much further.

Generous people from all around the world are kind enough to upload their pics for people like me to download. I regularly go onto Flickr and simply do a search; for example, yesterday I entered “flight 1549” and ended up with loads to choose from before settling on the one of the heroic pilot.

One that did give me a good laugh and admittedly, I was very tempted to use, was a picture of some guy standing on the roof of the half sunken plane, fishing rod in hand, having just landed what looks like a marlin. From what I understand the Hudson is not the cleanest river in the world and it would take an exceptionally brave person to drink from it, so Mmmmmm where do you think that big fish came from? :)

On a more serious note if you want to read about a crew that really does know how to land the big ones, especially Marlin off the coast of Durban, Click Here to visit Allure Charters. Len and his team hold several South African deep sea fishing records and are a great bunch of guys to spend a day on the water with. It’s an adventure experience that will have you coming back for more.

Photo, "Flight 1549 Fishing Competition" uploaded on January 15, 2009
by Las Tonterias on

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