Saturday, 31 January 2009

Zandeo Endurance Horse Trails

Yesterday I spoke to Theus Badenhorst from Zandeo Endurance Horse Trails who filled me in on his extraordinary adventure offering. The more he told me, the more it made me think of the classic Billy Crystal movie “City Slickers” where his character along with a bunch of friends, decide to go on a journey of self discovery by embarking upon a horse riding cowboy type overland adventure.

Theus’s activity essentially also centres around overland horse riding adventure, and definitely isn’t for those wanting a Sunday afternoon outride. What they offer does sound like an awesome adventure experience and presents enthusiasts with one-of-a-kind challenges and memories while exploring South Africa’s ruggedness and natural beauty. Keeping in mind that the seasons do affect viability of some, the trails to choose from are as follows:

• The Magaliesberg - Green Summer 50 km Trail.
• The Kalahari Sands 100 mile Trail.
• The Namaqua Flower Desert 100 mile Trail.
• The Eastern Free State Mountain Trail over 120 km.

Packages are all inclusive and accommodation varies from five-star lodges to basic dome tent camping in remote areas. All trails span a period of several days and to find out more, visit Theus’s website on, and remember for your Adventure Activity of choice, is where you are guaranteed to find it.

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