Friday, 6 February 2009

Adventure Experience Going Jeep

There’s a nasty old joke that poses the question, what’s found on a street corner, is yellow, and goes cheap cheap cheap? Being the kind of people who take no pleasure in offending, I can’t give you the answer because it’s both sexist and politically incorrect so unfortunately, you either know or you don’t. A question that I can give you the answer to is, what’s found in Cape Town, is Grey, and goes Jeep Jeep Jeep? ......That would be Trevor Knutson.

Trevor is 4x4 a specialist with a reputation as someone who is able to provide first class training on all makes of off-road vehicle. His passion however lies with old Jeeps and he derives tremendous pleasure from taking people out for some old style 4x4 fun in them. Something that not too many people seem to know is that just up the Cape’s West Coast, about half an hour drive from Cape Town central, there is a huge area of open dunes, which is essentially Peter’s playground

For a really fun adventure experience, All Terrain 4x4 offer a day out on the dunes at a very affordable price. The jeeps that are used are all original 1947 open Willy’s Jeeps, each with its own instructor taking up to 3 passengers at a time, all of whom have the opportunity drive. The instructor is there to assist and who drives for how long, is left up to the client. Trevor does have several of these Jeeps so big groups are also accommodated. To find out more CLICK HERE.

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