Thursday, 12 February 2009

Adventure Of A Different Sort

After posting a blog a couple weeks ago I noticed a Google ad for something or other ...Las Vegas Tours. I immediately thought WOW; these guys are clearly going after a niche market. I somehow envisaged it being about visiting the more famous Vegas casinos and places of sordid historical significance pertaining to the gangsters and high rollers who made the town what it is.

Upon following the link and browsing through the site I soon realised that their tours are in fact something really special. There was no mention of Bugsy Siegel, Frank Sinatra, Hank Greenspun or even Elvis, it was purely about hiking the Grand Canyon and experiencing the geographic splendour of the majestic Nevada desert.

Admittedly I was a bit disappointed with myself for having jumped to conclusions, my first impression was that I would rather have a root canal than take a tour in Vegas, there is absolutely nothing about that Gambling Mecca that calls me. It’s surrounding areas on the other hand, does truly deserve to be referred to as the great outdoors, which does make me want to head that way sometime.

Maybe it’s me; I just can’t help thinking how contrived and icky the city of Las Vegas must be by comparison to the stark beauty of its surrounds, the fact that it’s located where it is, to my mind is a travesty. Nonetheless, my initial thought of a Vegas niche tour did get me thinking hell, if it can work there, why not here.

One that sprung to mind was a magical mystery type tour to Hillbrow, a combination of both sightseeing and adventure activity. I was thinking of calling it Survivor Hillbrow, with a strapline that reads “Not For The Fainthearted.” Payment would have to be made upfront (non negotiable) along with the signing of an indemnity form. Should you be lucky enough to survive, you will need to remember, that what happens in Hillbrow, stays in Hillbrow. .......It’s just an idea. :)

Photo: street hillbrow by lisetjie courtesy of

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