Saturday, 7 February 2009

African Roulette

There is an exceptionally idiotic extreme sport that in spite of being highly dangerous with potentially horrific and lethal consequences, stupid people across South Africa are seen participating in it on a daily bases. If it hasn’t yet already been officially named, I would like suggest we call it African Roulette.

It involves something that simply just shouldn’t be allowed, PERIOD, and that is pedestrians on a busy highway randomly strolling across high speed traffic. It is absolutely bizarre and without doubt borders on suicidal, yet it’s something that happens so often, that it’s fair to call it a common occurrence.

There appears to be a strange mindset among the idiots who do this, it's as though they feel they have right of way and cars have to slow for them. They don’t seem to do the thought process that a car doing a 120klm per hour, from 25m away, may very well not have the time to slow down enough. WHY DO IT? It just doesn’t make sense!

Sorry to have bored you with my little whinge, admittedly I had very close call on Durban’s N2 Highway yesterday evening where I really don’t know how I missed the guy. One minute he was on the side of road, he suddenly took off, ran straight across the front of my car, and without exaggeration I think he must have made it by a tenth of a second. The highway has three lanes, and it was busy. I felt a huge sense of relief upon seeing him safely on the other side, before allowing anger to set in.

At this risk of giving away my age again, I feel the need to quote Del Boy from Only Fools Horses, to the idiot on the highway, “What a 42 Carrot Plonker you are.” Now that I have had my little hissy fit; I feel a lot better and thank you for having beared with me. Tomorrow I will go back to writing about real adventure activity of a non suicidal nature, promise. :)

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