Monday, 9 February 2009

Another World's First

Yesterdays Sunday Times newspaper informed us that “Isidingo” was granted the top soap opera accolade at the South African Film and Television award ceremony, held at the State Theatre in Pretoria on Saturday night. One of the stars of that show, Christopher Beasley, is also a competitive skydiver as well as being a senior member of the team that brings us the awesome Orlando Towers Power Swing.

Interestingly, I do vaguely remember a bit of controversy surrounding Chris having won the South African skydiving championships, only to later be disqualified over a technicality surrounding paperwork. He was as you can imagine livid over the decision and was going to appeal it, whatever came of the matter I don’t know, I can nonetheless tell you that he is an awesome individual and an adventure personality of note.

News from the towers, besides the Valentines offer featured in yesterday’s blog, is that they are finally ready with the much awaited “Jump inside the Tower” adventure offering. They have been talking about it for a while, and from what I can gather its now being put through its final testing phase.

YES ADRENALIN JUNKIES, besides jumping off and swinging between the two towers, you will soon also be able to launch yourself down the inside of one of them. Rob their resident crash test dummy, tells us that it’s an Awesome Adventure Experience, and that once again the Orlando Towers Verticle Adventure Centre, is bringing us a world's first.

Photo: Orlando Cooling Towers by Gregor Rohrig courtesy of

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